Out Of The Box Sampler March 2015

Out of the Box Sampler is a collection of products from Etsy sellers that have been put together in one place.  It is not a subscription but if you get on their mailing list you will receive a notification when they go on sale and you can purchase one.  They sell out pretty quickly so you only have a few days to get one.  They offer two sizes but I have yet to get there fast enough to even think out the larger box.  They are also going to be doing an all food box coming soon.  I thought about skipping this month because of the exchange rate still sucking right now but changed my mind and got one of the last two available.


This month the stuff was just in a bag in the box and as you can see it was torn.  However that affects nothing that was it beyond a mild annoyance of having to pick packing peanuts out of the bag.  As normal the edibles came in their own little bag separate from the smelly stuff.

20150312_170756 20150312_170804 20150312_170813

The edibles this month are Chocolate Lollipop by SandiPops.com, Tutti Fruitti Lollipop by Homeandfamily.etsy.com, and cotton candy from Fluff N Stuff.  I’ve eaten the cotton candy because there is no power on earth that can keep me from it but I’ve still got to try the two lollipops.

20150312_170913 20150312_170933

Guardian Angel Soy Wax Melts from Things That Make Scents and Mystery Jumbo Cube Soap from Sky Rain Soap

I can’t describe the smell of the melts but it’s more masculine then I expected.  The soap is fruity but nothing more specific then that that I can tell.

20150312_171003 20150312_171014 20150312_171026

Tandem RIch Body Cream from Clean Machine Body Co., Orange Caramel Crumble Scented Wax Tart from Candle Confectionery, and Teapot Barrette from ZandyLand.

The cream smells sooo fresh!!  I will use this up for sure.  We received a barrette a couple of boxes ago and Bug likes big and interesting ones so I’m happy to get more.

20150312_171047 20150312_171107 20150312_171124

Wood Burned Decoration from Old Soul Artisian, Citrus Blend Lip Balm & Chocolate/Vanilla Body Balm from Esensia, Yin-Yang Soap from Funtastic Soaps

I like the ornament and want to find a place for it to live in my house.  The lip balm smells like a hard lemon candy but I never say no to a lip balm. I’m not a huge fan of fake chocolate scents so this balm is one of the less enjoyable things in here but I’m sure it’s nicely moisturizing.  This soap is huge!  It must be at least 3″ across.  It doesn’t seem to have a smell but I like the way it looks.

20150312_171137 20150312_171156 20150312_171233

Alice Vinyl Decal from The Creative Adult, Very Sexy Girl Lotion from NYC Metro Girl, Lemongrass Sage Soap from Hill Mail Order COmpany

I used to get a box from NYC Metro Girl so I know I like their stuff.  The soap chunk smells great too!  So much stuff to try!!!!

20150312_171312 20150312_171337 20150312_171402

Orange & Chili Pepper Melt from Grammys Candles and More, Anchor Bracelet from Creative For His Glory, Nail Wrap from Jamberry

The melt looks like it might have got a head start on the melting in transit but it won’t matter once I take it out of the bag.  This is the first piece of jewelry I’ve got from one of these boxes that I would wear instead of Bug.  I have never tried a nail wrap so this might be the push I need to give it a go.


Sweet Pea Melt from Ugly Duckling Designs

There is always just enough melts in this box to get me to the next one.  I love it.

I like the mix of stuff and I really do use all of the things I get.  Bath products are a staple around here, I have a candle or melt going everyday and I never say no to food (even if I should).  It works out to about $1-2 an item with the shipping and I feel that what I receive is worth that or would cost me more if I was to buy something similar in the store.  I also get to try Etsy shops I wouldn’t be able to, because the large majority of these do not ship internationally. Get on the mailing list by clicking here.

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