Beauty Joy February 2015

Beauty Joy is a newer subscription box that sends you out one hand-crafted jewelry item, one full size beauty products, and 2-3 samples each month.  Boxes are $15.00 per month or three months for $40.00.  Shipping to Canada is an additional $5.00 a month.  All subscriptions are self renewing so you can either let them continue or cancel before your next term begins.  This months box was much smaller in size than last months but I was still optimistic.

20150306_144944 20150306_144953

The first look is nicely wrapped and gives me no clues as to what’s underneath.  The info card has a cute Valentine’s theme and lists the items, retails and where you can buy more if you love it.


Underneath the paper was the four items for this month.  The jewelry is in a bag so it stays secret for now.


LipFusion Micro-Collagen Color Shine Lip Plumper in Bare-$38.00 Full Size

This is this months full sized item.  It has collagen spheres in it that magically are absorbed and plump up giving you fuller lips.  I’m not sure if any of that is actually happening but I like the colour and texture thought the smell is a it off putting.  There is no way I’d ever pay $38 for a lip gloss and that is triple the box price in total so it’s a great item.


Silver Plated Heart Necklace-$20.00

They had originally planned to have all jewelry items made in house but this locket is from an Etsy shop.  This doesn’t bother me since this is closer to something I would wear then the other item I have received.  The locket is a good size and I like it.  It doesn’t look cheap and touching it hasn’t resulted in it turning black so I’m happy.


Alexandra de Markoff Balancing Cleanser-14mL $3.00

This is a soap free cleanser that also moisturizes and brightens skin.  It comes out like like a lotion but then lathers with water.  As I’ve mentioned before I have no brand loyalty in facial care so trying out the new ones I get makes my happy.  New products and small sizes I can use up before I get bored.


Bath And Body Works Hand Sanitizer in Pink Peonies & Pears-1oz $1.75

I have a bunch of these travel sized sanitizers from Bath and Body Works kicking around but I’ve never tried this scent before.  I like it.  It’s slightly floral with that underlying astringent smell that all sanitizers have.  With two little ones touching everything possible in public I always have one or two or seven of these in my bag.

This is my second of three boxes from Beauty Joy and I’m really happy with it.  The box has a value of $62.75, half of which is the ridiculously priced lip gloss.  I like the necklace way better then I like last months bracelet too.  I still won’t be renewing this box after my three months but I will be looking forward to my last box instead of just waiting for it to be over thinking I wasted my money.

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