Native Beauty Box Summer 2015

Native Box is an Australian eco subscription box that offers five versions of themselves. There are Classic, Vegan, Supersize, Beauty, and Mens boxes. I got the Beauty box which is a quarterly box filled with natural and organic products related to beauty.  You can buy an individual box for $24.95 or a yearly plan to get 4 boxes for $89.90. The exchange rate to the Australian dollar is better the to USD so that’s nice too.  Since Australia is on the other side of the planet from me this box is their summer box.  It shipped out late due to an issue with AusPost and only arrived a little while ago.  I actually had been wondering where it was and emailed them to get some info, which is how I know.

20150308_183951 20150308_184001

They have a nice info sheet.  The front just talks about summer fun and the back list the items , why they out it in the box and retails.  One product has been crossed out but there is no other explanation  about that. Also odd is that the sheet says 2014.


Wotnot Face Wipes-5pk $1.59

These are made for oily and sensitive skin.  They are made with organic ingredients and have a symbol on them stating that they won a Best In Beauty Award.  I don’t use wipes all the time but enjoy the ease of use when I need a quick clean or don’t want to chance waking up baby with running water.

20150308_184032 20150308_184130

Sea Siren Nail Polish in Bronzed Siren-5ml $5.32

Inside this cute little package was some nail polish.  This is a 5-free polish and even though it is a sample size, it’s still got plenty to do my nails lots of times.  I really like the colour too.  It is a nice dark copper that doesn’t look cheap or trashy metallic.  It has a slightly less pungent smell then some polishes as well.


Anerah Skincare Organic Recovery Eye Cream

There is no size on this tub so I can’t give a value but since it’s an eye cream you don’t really need a lot.  Twice daily this would give me a week I would think.  This cream has antioxidant properties and as with most things in this box is organic and vegan.  I’m not sure why but to me this smells exactly like a used tea bag.  Maybe the rose hip oil?


Emma Organics Organic Facial Fluid & Nail & Hand Revive-5mL $2.04 & $1.84

The facial fluid is supposed to be easily absorbed to help sensitivity and dryness.  The hand revive should deliver plump and glowing looking hands.  Both packets are fuller then a normal foil pouch but I don’t want to open them yet to see how they are.


Zuii Organics Floral Lip Tint

This is another one with no sizing on it.  This has no petrochemicals, parabens, talc or fillers.  They use rose, jasmine and chamomile petals in the cosmetics to get a truly natural product. I really like this colour and the gloss is not sticky at all.


Australian Bush Flower Essences Body Love Essence Daily Moisturizer-3mL $1.19

Considering that this is a body lotion, this sample is tiny.  I might be able to get both of my legs…….if I’m really careful.  It is supposed to connect my body and soul though.  Another one I don’t want to open until I use it so no idea on texture or scent.


Nature’s Organics Sensitive Face Scrub-150mL $5.99

This is a full sized item and I’m glad because this box was getting a bit disappointing.  It’s supossed to be gentle yet still give a deep clean to remove toxins and dirt.It uses ground walnut shell as the exfoliator an has cucumber extract for softening.  I tried a little on my hand and it seems like it actually is fairly gentle on skin but I would take care not to really rub  it in.

This box was a bit of a let down for me.  The first box  received from them was great and I really really liked a few of the items included.  It also had only 2 foil packets.  The value of this box is $18.00 plus whatever the couple of items I couldn’t price accurately were.  I’m also sad that the crossed out item didn’t make it.  It was supposed to be a wooden hair clip and I think I’d have liked it.  There is a $20 gift voucher as well but it expired Dec.31 so they knew it was done way before they shipped boxes out. I have two boxes left in my subscription so I hope next time is more like box one that I got.  This is the only natural, organic, vegan beauty box I have left coming to me and I kept it because of how great it was.

If you want to give them a try, even after my kinda sad review for this quarter, I’d love it if you’d use my link. You can also visit their website at

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