Kiwi Crate February 2015

Kiwi Crate is a monthly craft and discovery box for children 3-12. They have recently expanded their options to boxes for specific ages or you can chose the regular one which is for all ages.  Kiwi crate is $19.95 a month but goes down with longer subscriptions.  I have seen plenty of deals out right now for them so I think you can even get lower pricing or free boxes if you search around. This month’s theme is Play Sports.



Each box gives the theme on the top sheet and on the back is a sticker so you can fill in a path on a sheet included in your first box showing you what you’ve done.


Each box also includes Explore magazine which gives stories, activities and usually another quick craft.


Project one is My Pom-Pom Soccer.  These types of crafts are my least favorite even though Bug likes them because they take up alot of space and we tend to have a few key parts go missing shortly after completion.


Project two is My Basketball Game.  As you can see the paint pot leaked in transit and while it could have been worse it is all over the ball and the paint jar itself.  I let Kiwi Crate know and they are sending me out a replacement no problem.  This was the first time I’ve ever had any issues with supplies from them and I am really happy with how easily it was remedied.

As always our crates are a huge hit and I like that they have an educational bend to them.  Once we get the replacement I’m sure the basketball game will be the more used of the two but even soccer will get it’s time.

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