Beauty Box 5 February 2015

Beauty Box 5 is a subscription box that sends out 5 products or samples every month. They might be makeup, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body, or nail products. It is another of the cheaper ones at $12 a month or even less if you sign up for a longer term. They do charge $3 a month to ship to Canada though.  If I’m being honest though this box has been very hit or miss for me.  Sometimes the products included are so random or so not what I would think should be in a beauty box that I wonder what they are thinking.  Other times it’s really good.

20150306_143811 20150306_143830

It ships on it’s own branded box and didn’t look to bad once I opened it.

20150306_143838 20150306_143845

The info card this month let’s us know that it is BB5’s 3rd birthday and they want us to celebrate with them.


Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Vanilla Frosting-1.2g $24.95

Shockingly this is a full sized tub of shadow.  The diameter is about the size of a toonie.  Once you get past that I really like this colour.  It is an iridescent white powder that will look great as a highlighter or a base for any other colour.  So far so good with this box.


Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in Velvet Rope-$3.99 Full Size

I was kinda disappointed when I pulled this out of the box but once I tried it out, I love it.  The brush is great and the colour and coverage with even one coat were great.  It’s a nice dark red colour with just a hint of a purple undertone.  The box is 2 for 2.



Absolute New York Absolute Love Lip Balm in Bubble Gum-$5.00 Full Size

This really does smell like bubble gum.  It has just the slightest hint of shine and tint and if it didn’t have that shine you’d never know I was wearing it.  It feels nice on my lips and makes them feel smooth.  Hmmmm……3 for 3 now.


Avon Big Color Eye Pencil in Sunkissed-$3.49 Full Size

This might be the one thing I am not to excited about but that’s more because I sell Avon so I could get this myself, I don’t need a box to send it to me.  However this is also a past season item that is no longer available from Avon so maybe it’s okay?  I use these just a thick liners not as an eye shadow but it’s super coppery and metallic.  Little sad that they shipped out a discontinued item but it is not spoiled and I’ll still use it. We’ll count it as 3.5 for 4.


Freeman Bath & Body Collection Cucumber, Melon & Ginseng Lathering Body Wash-30mL $$2.99

There is something all over this package but it has not leaked so I’m not sure if there was a leak in one before they sent them out of what.  I always use body wash so I’m okay with this and while it is a foil package that’s actually how these come so no one should complain too loud about it.  This will make up the other half a point so 4 for 5.


BB5 Bonus Birthday Gift-$20 Gift Card

This is a nice addition and I’ll have to see if they ship to Canada and how much that’ll cost me but I have had fairly good luck with included gift cards before so I’m happy.

Over all this box was one of the good ones.  It has a value of $40.42 plus the gift card.  I will use all of the products and even though the eye pencil is a discontinued item I’m happy.  This box always ships really late so I just have to get used to not seeing it till almost the next month.

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