MommiesFirst Beat The Winter Blues Box 2015

MommiesFirst is a Canadian subscription box for moms and babies from when you are expecting up to their first birthday. They send out boxes based on your needs for wherever you are in that cycle. Boxes start at $30 a month and get a bit cheaper if you sign up for longer terms. They also offer one time boxes for showers and occasions.  My subscription to them finished a few months ago but they shipped me out this special box.  I love MommiesFirst so I couldn’t be happier to see what they sent me.  I think they are one of the best boxes for babies out there and I was never disappointed with anything I received.



Since I had no idea what I was getting I really wanted my first peek to give me a clue……I guess I did get that with the card.


Flower Power Night Cream by Sigrid Naturals-$24.00

I love that this box promotes items made in Canada!  This night cream is made in Ontario and is 100% organic. The texture in the jar is a little odd, it has separated and I needed to try to stir it, which was a little messy but effective.  The smell is nice, a light lavender scent and it absorbed really quick.


Popup Peekaboo by DK Books-$10.00

This book is a winner.  Not only is it a lift the flap book, which my kids can’t get enough of, under each flap is a popup as well.  Each page tells the story of a different dog till the end when they all get together.  Books are always great in our house and this is a fabulous addition to the library.


Add A Kid T-Shirt-$14.99

I think this is hilarious!  To be fair I think the ones people wear on vacation are as well.  The picture appears to be an iron transfer but it is on there good.  While a lady picture would be a little more appropriate for my girls they will still be wearing this.  In public.  Just saying.


Lisa Loeb’s Silly Sing-Along:The Disappointing Pancake and Other Zany Songs-$17.95

This book has a included cd.  It also has recipes, activities, and actions to do along.  It’s nice to know Lisa Loeb is still doing music and she says she wanted to do this book because it was her favorite type of things to do growing up.  The back of the book is covered with celebrity accolades so I’m hoping it will be fun.


This box was unexpected and yet it still met all of the expectations I had from a MommiesFirst box.  There was a little something for me and the other three items will be shared (fought over) by the girls for a long time.  The box value was $66.94.



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