Doodlebug Busy Bags March 2015

A new subscription I’ve started getting for Bug is Doodlebugs Busy Bags.  The website describes them as….”DoodleBug Busy Bags is a monthly craft subscription for kids ages 3 – 10. DoodleBug Busy Bags keep little hands busy and little minds active. Each month your child will receive a bag of 4 – 8 curated crafts, often centered on a holiday or seasonal theme, and all the supplies your child needs to complete each activity. Once completed, the crafts may be used as learning tools, decorations, toys, or given away as gifts. DoodleBug Busy Bags are fun, easy to complete, and help develop motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and confidence.”  Bags are $23.99 including shipping and go down with longer subscriptions.  This months theme is Hippity Hoppity and unlike last month we got it in enough time to do the crafts before the holiday.


This month there are seven crafts included and all of them look like ones Bug will love to do.


Easter Egg Magnet

Bug really likes any of these that require her to stick things together.  Magnets are a big hit too so this one is a win all around.


Easter Egg Button Ornament

I have had to put up a special spot for the ornaments Bug makes.  I’ll be glad to get the heart one down and replace it with this egg.


Easter Egg Character Ornament

Great now I’ll need two hooks for display.  I think this one will be cute when done.  There were a few different ones you could get but the bunny is going to be a favourite since talk about the Easter bunny has already begun.


3D Bunny

This turns into a tube with feet and ears.  Should prove challenging.


Flower Bunny Magnet

I generally hate fridge clutter but have resolved myself to the fact that kids equal stuff stuck to the fridge.  At least this will be cute.


Easter Door Hanger

I really thought the big blue shape was something else when I pulled this out of the package.  Turns out it’s just the base for all the other stickers. Ooops.


Easter Necklace

Beading and jewelry??? Bug is never going to take this off and then the baby is going to pull on it and it will break and then WW3 will be happening in my house.  This will probably be the favourite thing to create this month.

As noted last month all of these crafts are from Oriental Trading but since I don’t have to purchase them in large quantities off the site and everything we need to create is included in the bag, I like this. If you need glue or anything else that does not come in the prepackaged craft they make sure it’s in your bag so you really do not have to run to the store. The fact that each month is themed around a holiday is great too since Bug is at that age where holidays are super fun!!  I have a few extra days off this week because of the holiday so we will get to these soon.


Luxe Box by Loose Button Spring 2015

Luxe Box is a quarterly box that sends out 7-8 trial sized beauty and lifestyle discoveries every season.  It is a Canadian box which is nice and shipping is included in the pricing.  Each box is $26 or you can sign up for a year for $96, so a slight discount. They also had a few upgrade options if you wanted but I stuck with the standard box.


They offered this month to not ship in the fancy outer box if you wanted.  Since I don’t have a use for the boxes, despite my best intentions, I chose to skip it.  The bag is still nice though, all silky and such.


Double Ended Blending Brush by Loose Button-$15.00 Full Size

This has a blending sponge on one side and a foundation brush on the other.  I actually just got a Beauty Blender in another box this month so this is less exciting then it might have been if it was the first blender I received.  I still like this though even if I normally use my fingers to apply foundation instead of a brush.  Something to work on I guess.

20150325_181256 20150325_181304

Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation by Buxom

I am really looking forward to trying this.  I think the two lighter shades I can wear with my skin tone.  The samples are actually little foil bubbles that will give a few days worth of foundation.  This also has a BB cream in it so you need to only use one product to get the results you need.


Peony Nail Lacquer by Crabtree & Evelyn-$6.00 Full Size

This is a great spring colour!  It is a soft pink and would be great as a base for french tips.  I didn’t even know Crabtree & Eveyln even made nail polish.



Gentle Dry Shampoo With Oat Extract by Klorane-50L $6.10

I have been using one of the other dry shampoos I get a little while ago and I’m really liking how it works.  I think this one will be the same.  The only complaint I have about them so far is that they are really noisy when you spray them and I tend to use them early in the morning when I want to be quiet because the girls are still sleeping.  They also included a $3.00 coupon for any Klorane product.


The Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory-50mL $5.00

Oooooohhhh……this I love!  It smells just a touch masculine and it super thick and creamy.  I have always wanted to try the Soap & Glory products and have just never gotten around to it so this is a double win.  It’s not a huge tub but you really don’t need too much so it should last for a little while.


Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer by Too Faced-4g $15.00

This is really dark for anything I normally wear.  It says it’s supposed to give you a tan and it would make me look like I belonged on Geordie Shore.  There is nothing natural about this colour for me and I’m thinking this one is a write-off.


Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant-30mL $14.00

This lotion is supposed to help even out skin tone, reduce redness, build collagen, and unclog and shrink pores.  I’m all for anything that will keep my skin looking good and if I’m being honest I could use a bit of evening out in tone.  You just squirt some onto a cotton ball and wipe it on your face and you become more perfect with everyday that goes by……hopefully.

This seasons Luxe Box has a value of $61.10.  That is less than the last one I received but still just over double what I paid.  Once again there is an item I will not use but that’s the chance you take with these boxes.  I find that I get lots of emails from Luxe Box with specials from the products included or companies they have partnered with.  I have two more boxes in my subscription and I don;t know that I will renew after that but I do like them and I am getting to try new things that are available here in Canada, which I like.



Phone Case Of The Month March 2015

Phone case of the month sends you out a new case for your phone once a month.  You can get a new case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy right now but they are looking to expand that if there is a large amount of need for other brands. They have also just started providing cases for the iPhone6 too.  The case is $10 per month and shipping to Canada is another $5. While they are no where near as protective a case as an Otterbox they are a fun way to switch things up.  I was stunned at how much lighter my phone was with this case as opposed to the Otterbox I had on there. Never realized it was so big till it was gone. You get a case, a little info card, and a treat! This one always shows up really close to the end of the month for me.


I’m not sure why but this month the bag is not the same as it has been.  It’s a plain cotton drawstring bag with the logo stamped on the front.  It’s also much larger  then the case, which was not the case before.  I don’t really care since I just toss them in a drawer with the old cases inside anyways.


I really like this months case.  It’s the bottom view of a dream catcher and says Never Stop Dreaming.  It’s also the rubbery feeling type I like from them.  The little card has a saying on it reinforcing the theme.  This months treat (and I use that lightly) is a sticker extolling the virtues of being nerdy.

This is still one of those subscriptions that I’m on the fence about keeping.  I like getting a new case each month but the exchange rate still hasn’t come back up so this one is costing me a bit more then I’d like.  It’s still cheaper or comparable to buying them from a mall kiosk though.  If you want to get your own cases you can check them out by clicking here.


Glossybox March 2015

Glossybox gives you 5 deluxe samples of beauty products a month for $21.00 plus $5.00 shipping to Canada but do get cheaper with longer terms.  The buzz on the interweb feels that Glossybox has one of the best packaging of any of the boxes.  Every month they curate a selection of high-end, niche, and trendy beauty products in deluxe travel sizes that they send out and I thought I’d give them a try.  They only recently started shipping to Canada.

20150317_125526 20150317_125544

The inside was not perfectly tied but still looked nice.  The info card is huge and double sided.  It lists the products, tips and full size retails.


So Susan Cosmetics Concealer Quad-$25.79 Full Size

I have only ever used stick concealers so this quad is a new adventure for me.  I’m sure one of these colours can be a match to my skin.  It says to apply with your fingers since you’ll need to soften the product first.  I’m thinking I’ll use this more for under eye then blemishes.


Modelco More Brows Eyebrow Thickening Gel in Med/Dark-$18.00 Full Size

I really wish this had come in the light/med shade.  My eye brows are not that dark and while I always do use a powder to fill them in I think this will be super noticeable.  I have used a clear one for shaping before so I’m okay with the application but colour is an issue.


Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain in Pink-$19.99 Full Size

I will probably never use this as a cheek stain.  For lips I have no problem.  It’s a great pink colour that doesn’t look to 80’s and feels nice and soft on.


Nexxus New York Salon Care Color Assure Shampoo-$11.99 Full Size

As I said the other day I would rather get conditioner if I’m only going to get one.  That being said this is a nice shampoo to get.  My hair is coloured so that part works for me but I still need to use a conditioner in my hair.


Orogold Cosmetics 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer X 2

There is no size on the samples so I can’t find a value on this one but the full size is $178.00.  There is actual gold in this cream, which is supposed to help with plumping and firming skin.  It smells really good for a moisturizer and I like the idea of wearing real gold.

This box is not quite as good as my first one from them but still really good.  Four of the samples are full sized and the one that isn’t you got two of, so you can really try them out.  I’d have liked the lighter brow gel but it seems from looking online that everyone got the dark.  The value was really high again this month too.  Can’t wait for next months offering!!!

Avalai Time of the Month Box March 2015

Avalai is a monthly subscription that sends you feminine products and treats to get you through that time of the month.  You no longer have to worry about running out of what you need or being without a chocolate fix when things get crazy.  You can choose from two different shipping dates so that your box arrives close to when you need it, either the 1st or 3rd Friday of the month.  Shipping to Canada is an extra $10.00 per month.  They have a few different plans to choose from.  You can select the duration of your period from 2-7 days, if you normally have a light, medium or heavy period, and whether you want pads, tampons, or a mix of both.  Prices start at $13.00 a month and vary slightly with your options.  The pads are Always and the tampons are Tampax and how many you get also is determined by your choices.

20150317_131743 20150317_131800

The first look gives you just what you think you’d find, feminine products and treats.  The note lets you know what your snacks are, what teas you got and what spa item was included.


To help with cravings this month they sent out Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, a Rice Crispie Treat, and two Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Squares.  Yum!!


I actually got the tea this month and all are Stash brand.  Oddly enough I have never tried any of these flavours so this is a nice surprise.


This months spa products are Citrus Kiss Lip Balm and a Coconut Mango Solid Lotion Bar.  I can’t wait to try the bar, I’ve never used a solid lotion before.



Cottonelle FreshCare Disposable Cleansing Wipes…..I still think these are a nice inclusion, even if I use them for my mostly potty trained preschooler in stead of myself.


The assorted monthly supplies.  Nothing fancy, just necessary.

I have since cancelled my subscription to Avalai.  I like the idea and the convenience but with the shipping costs I just feel like I can get all of this for less at my local supermarket.  I think I may give some of the other TOTM boxes a try to see if they can come in at a better price point.


Prudence And The Crow February 2015

I am so excited that this box finally showed up!!!!!!  They were not accepting new monthly subscriptions for a while and when I saw they had opened it back up I jumped on it.  Prudence and the Crow is a vintage book subscription box.  In each box you get a book, a book bag, a library card and treats.  The books are almost always 20 years old or older and are used books they pick up.  You can select from a few genres or you can choose random and see what you get.  There is a little survey to fill out to let them know what you like.  Subscriptions are 12 British Pounds a month plus 4 pounds shipping internationally.  You can also sign up for terms but there is no discount for that.  Boxes ship on the 13th of each month and mine took just over a month to reach me but it can be anywhere from 10 days and up.  20150316_171146

The books come in a flat box with stamps and stickers all over.


Inside was my book in its bag, tea, candy and a pencil!

20150316_171245 20150316_171253

My book this month is Sundance and Other Science Fiction Stories by Robert Silverberg. This version of the book was published in 1976 but it is originally from 1974.  I like science fiction though I have been reading less of it then I used to .  Short stories are always great since I can get one done between demands from the kidlets.


This is the library card, which shows that it’s book 1 for me and the date shipped.  Also included was a little note letting me know they tried to keep the robots to a minimum, which was my one request of them…..I hate robot stories.


My treats this month were two different teas, a hard candy and an embossed pencil.  I was almost as excited about the pencil as the book.  I’m a bit of a nerd like that.

There is no way to value this box.  The book originally had a retail of $2.25 but that was 40 years ago.  This box is about curation not value.  I think it’s worth what I paid and I love books.  I did a little cull of my personal library when we moved so any excuse to fill it back up is a good one.  The monthly option is still open right now if you want to sign up.  You can visit their website by clicking here.

Birchbox March 2015

With Birchbox you get monthly boxes of five personalized beauty samples, tailored to your profile. They promise to help you try cult brands, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between.  They also say you will never receive the same product twice.  Birchbox runs at $10.00 per month plus $4.95 shipping but you can get yearly plans for $100.00 plus shipping as well.  This makes it one of the more affordable boxes out there. Each box is different and reflects the theme of the month.

20150319_163810 20150319_163817

You can fill out the card this month to try to win full size products of your samples.  The back of the card lists the items and full size retails.


Under the paper is my stuff and I’m excited about the sponge even before I check out anything else.


Beautyblender Original-$25.00

I have always wanted one of these. I normally use my fingers to apply makeup but have heard nothing but great things about these blenders.  I includes a bar of cleaner for it as well.


Harvey Prince Ageless Perfume

So somehow this blend of scents is supposed to make you feel and smell 8-12 years younger.  When I first sprayed it on I hated it but within a few moments I changed my mind.  It’s main scent is grapefruit and while I can;t see how it can make me smell younger I will be weraing this.


Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in New York-1.7g

This is soooooo red.  It goes on really smooth and has a nice soft finish but it is definitely not an everyday colour for me.  It is supposed to be long wearing as well, so  I guess we’ll see.


Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo-30mL $3.28

If I’m only going to get one of a shampoo or conditioner I would rather get the conditioner.  This shampoo is good for colour treated hair.  It also should create shine and moisturize your hair.  Since I’ll have to use my regular conditioner it’s hard to tell how great it will work but if it makes my hair feel clean I’ll be happy.


Paula’s Choice RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol-15mL

This moisturizer will hydrate and firm skin, repair signs of aging, and reduce wrinkles.  I’m having a hard time getting this out of the bottle so I’m hoping that with some continued pumping I can make it work.

I couldn’t get a value for this box because I was unable to determine how big the full size versions were.  You get points for reviewing your box items, that you can then use in their store.  If you find a product you love, any item in your box has free shipping for the month also. The American boxes do have a few more perks like selecting one of your samples and a mens box but I am hopeful once they get settled in Canada the same types of options will be available.

If you want to sign up send me a message and I can get you a link.  You can also go to their Canadian site by clicking here.

Out Of The Box Sampler March 2015

Out of the Box Sampler is a collection of products from Etsy sellers that have been put together in one place.  It is not a subscription but if you get on their mailing list you will receive a notification when they go on sale and you can purchase one.  They sell out pretty quickly so you only have a few days to get one.  They offer two sizes but I have yet to get there fast enough to even think out the larger box.  They are also going to be doing an all food box coming soon.  I thought about skipping this month because of the exchange rate still sucking right now but changed my mind and got one of the last two available.


This month the stuff was just in a bag in the box and as you can see it was torn.  However that affects nothing that was it beyond a mild annoyance of having to pick packing peanuts out of the bag.  As normal the edibles came in their own little bag separate from the smelly stuff.

20150312_170756 20150312_170804 20150312_170813

The edibles this month are Chocolate Lollipop by, Tutti Fruitti Lollipop by, and cotton candy from Fluff N Stuff.  I’ve eaten the cotton candy because there is no power on earth that can keep me from it but I’ve still got to try the two lollipops.

20150312_170913 20150312_170933

Guardian Angel Soy Wax Melts from Things That Make Scents and Mystery Jumbo Cube Soap from Sky Rain Soap

I can’t describe the smell of the melts but it’s more masculine then I expected.  The soap is fruity but nothing more specific then that that I can tell.

20150312_171003 20150312_171014 20150312_171026

Tandem RIch Body Cream from Clean Machine Body Co., Orange Caramel Crumble Scented Wax Tart from Candle Confectionery, and Teapot Barrette from ZandyLand.

The cream smells sooo fresh!!  I will use this up for sure.  We received a barrette a couple of boxes ago and Bug likes big and interesting ones so I’m happy to get more.

20150312_171047 20150312_171107 20150312_171124

Wood Burned Decoration from Old Soul Artisian, Citrus Blend Lip Balm & Chocolate/Vanilla Body Balm from Esensia, Yin-Yang Soap from Funtastic Soaps

I like the ornament and want to find a place for it to live in my house.  The lip balm smells like a hard lemon candy but I never say no to a lip balm. I’m not a huge fan of fake chocolate scents so this balm is one of the less enjoyable things in here but I’m sure it’s nicely moisturizing.  This soap is huge!  It must be at least 3″ across.  It doesn’t seem to have a smell but I like the way it looks.

20150312_171137 20150312_171156 20150312_171233

Alice Vinyl Decal from The Creative Adult, Very Sexy Girl Lotion from NYC Metro Girl, Lemongrass Sage Soap from Hill Mail Order COmpany

I used to get a box from NYC Metro Girl so I know I like their stuff.  The soap chunk smells great too!  So much stuff to try!!!!

20150312_171312 20150312_171337 20150312_171402

Orange & Chili Pepper Melt from Grammys Candles and More, Anchor Bracelet from Creative For His Glory, Nail Wrap from Jamberry

The melt looks like it might have got a head start on the melting in transit but it won’t matter once I take it out of the bag.  This is the first piece of jewelry I’ve got from one of these boxes that I would wear instead of Bug.  I have never tried a nail wrap so this might be the push I need to give it a go.


Sweet Pea Melt from Ugly Duckling Designs

There is always just enough melts in this box to get me to the next one.  I love it.

I like the mix of stuff and I really do use all of the things I get.  Bath products are a staple around here, I have a candle or melt going everyday and I never say no to food (even if I should).  It works out to about $1-2 an item with the shipping and I feel that what I receive is worth that or would cost me more if I was to buy something similar in the store.  I also get to try Etsy shops I wouldn’t be able to, because the large majority of these do not ship internationally. Get on the mailing list by clicking here.

Ipsy March 2015

Ispy is a beauty subscription that comes in a bubble mailer. It is $10USD per month and includes deluxe samples and full sized products. All of your products come in a reusable makeup bag. This months theme is Floral Fantasy.  All Ipsy bags are selected for the individual person so there is a wide variety of products possible to receive. There are plenty of spoilers with this one and you can see exactly what you will be getting a few days before your bag arrives by logging in to your account.


The bag this month is probably my favorite so far.  The other side is just plain blue.  The card as always gives you the theme and nothing else.


LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution Light-0.5oz $3.75

This is a toner, serum and moisturizer in one.  It is also vegan and gluten free.  Anything that makes my mornings easier is a win for me since getting myself up and ready with one helper and one who just wants attention can be a challenge.


Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Apricot Glow-0.75g $5.00

This is a special edition just for Ipsy.  These are normally sold as a block of six.  I like the colours and it has just the right amount of shimmer.  I can’t wait to use this actually.


NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Hunk-$6.00 Full Size

I was about to complain about the fact that I am so tired of dark lipstick colours coming lately and then I put this on.  It is lighter then I thought it would be and feels really smooth on my lips.  It’s not the best colour for me but still wearable.


Pur-lisse Beauty Pur-delecate Gentle Soy Milk CLeanser-30mL $6.43

This is a 4-in-1 makeup remover and cleanser.  I have heard alot about this brand but this is my first product from them.  As I said earlier if I can skip a step in my routine I’m all for it.  This is supposed to be really gentle on skin and still take off even waterproof mascara so I will be giving it a go.


Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Concealer-0.55g $3.44

Everyone who got this product received the same colour, Flawless, which is a touch dark for my skin.  I’m going to try to blend it with my BB cream to see if I can make it work of else it will have to be used really sparingly.  Beyond that it seems to give great coverage and there is plenty in this sample.

This months bag has a value of $24.62.  I like everything I think, mostly the eyeshadow.  It’s nice that there was a full sized item and also two multi use items.  I can never see how any of the items belong to the theme.  They have also changed up the website and review process and I’m not liking it.  It’s just harder to use and I think if you’re going to change things if should be for the better.  If you would like to get in on the bag I’d love it if you’d use my link.  You can also visit their website by clicking here.

Topbox March 2015

Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription that ships you 4 samples every month.  The shipping is free, which is nice, but there is tax based upon your province.  This still makes it one of the cheapest boxes out there at $12 per month.  Topbox normally comes is a cardboard container but you can chose to receive your products in a reusable organza bag for even less waste, which is my choice.  They also offer special boxes that you can put on your wish list and you may get them or you’ll get the regular box. Lately they seem to be shipping out earlier in the month then they used to which is nice, since a lot of my boxes come in the last half.  I actually liked a few of the specialty options this months so I put in a yes when they sent out the email requests.  None of the boxes are guarantied beyond the standard box but I seem to have got one of the special ones.

20150317_143624 20150317_143639

I have to confess that I don’t remember what the options were but I seem to have picked  London Drugs available products.  This is also the first time I’ve received the tube packaging since I normally opt for just a bag.  Everything fits pretty goo in there though.


The info card is the same as normal except it mentions with every item that you can get them at London Drugs.


Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum-5mL $12.00

I have received Elizabeth Arden products from Topbox before, but since I would never spend that kind of money on facial care I never have a complaint about it.  It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture but there are little white balls of goodness suspended n the liquid.  You apply this product between cleansing and moisturizing and it will help rejuvenate your skin, reduce fine wrinkles, and make you appear stress free.  If it can really do that last one it might be worth the $72 full size price tag.


Reversa Cleansing Micellar Solution-30mL $2.30

This cleanser is a rinse free makeup remover.  This one is good for sensitive skin as well.  I like the idea of this product but can’t help but think the makeup I am removing is just being relocated around my face.  I’ll still give it a go and hope for the best.


NYX Professional Makeup Slide On Pencil in Golden Bronze-$9.99 Full Size

I might be in the minority here but I like a metallic eyeliner.  I usually have a neutral eyeshadow and a crazy liner on so this is perfect.  It is a soft pencil and really does just slide on.  I gave it the rub test and it barely smeared as well so I like this one.


StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment-7mL $16.80

This night cream is supposed to improve the visible sighs of aging.  It is a complex of Niacin and Retinol which is supposed to make the Retinol less harsh then it can be.  It smells like a serious night cream so I’m sure it will work just as well as anything else I’ve tried up to this point.

This months box has a value of $41.09 which is great.  I like everything in the box and will use it all.  This is still a box I’m undecided about keeping but it is one of the few that is Canadian so I don’t have to pay the exchange rate, making it very reasonable.  The last few have been more varied and contained products I was happy with so I think it’ll get yet another month.  If you are interested in getting your own Topbox send me a message and I can give you a link or you can visit them here.