Fortune Cookie Soap Company Spring Soap Box 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Company Soap Box is a quarterly box that gives you samples of their latest collections a few weeks before they put them for sale on their site.  You get a wide variety of products all based on the theme.  They have cute and cheeky names for their products and you get a code for 10% off of the full sized products with every box. This season’s theme is Wonderland.  I had actually tried to cancel this one before this box but forgot that they bill based on when you signed up not just before the box comes out so I missed the cutoff.




20150223_165044 20150223_165057

The box is well packed so nothing arrives damaged.  The info card is huge and gives you the products, a quip, and the scent breakdown of each item.


Almost Alice Fortune Cookie Soap

This is their signature item and I think they are cute.  There is an actual fortune inside of each one.


Twisted Tea Party Bath Tea

This green tea blend is made especially to be put right into your tub with you.  While it seems like an odd thing to do I’m sure it is refreshing as it claims.



Who Are You Incense Cone

You can either leave these in the bag and use as a sachet or burn like regular incense.  These smell really good!


It’s Only A Dream Whipped Cream

This is the most fabulous soft pink colour!!  To me it smells strongly of rose but they claim it only has hints of rose.  I’ll forgive them because it makes my hands so soft!


Off With Their Heads Bath Bomb

I am finally able to bath again after my surgery so I cannot wait to soak in a tub with this.  Bath products really do make me happy.  I’m easily satisfied.


Futterwacken Body Wash

How in the hell is that actually a word according to spellcheck?????  This is a grapefruit scented body wash.  So fresh!


Eat Me Perfume Oil

This is supposed to smell like cake and icing with pineapple and it’s pretty close.  The pineapple is for sure the top note but I like it and anything that smells like cake is a win.


We’re All Mad Here OCD Hand Sanitizer

I love me some sanitizer that doesn’t smell like alcohol and this is a great one.  It dries quickly and smells like mint and it’s purple!

The soap box is $28.00 every three months for those of us in Canada, shipping included.  They do sell out fairly quick if you don’t preorder.  It also is an automatic payment so if you don’t cancel you will be billed again for the next box, which is what happened to me.  The reason I wanted to cancel is that while I like the products, the samples are quite small.  It works out to $3.50 an item and while some of them are worth that, I don’t feel all of them are, just based on size.  You can check them out at



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