Smoochable Handcrafted Products

Smoochable is a company started and run by a lady I went to high school with.  She really is the definition of a super woman.  She not only make the products but she has four children and a life beyond and above them.  I read about her exploits and just shake my head wondering how she finds the time to do everything she does and still sleep.  All Smoochable products are 100% naturally handcrafted and she started making them after her kids had skin conditions and she didn’t want to resort to the standard steroid prescribed options.  She kindly sent me these samples to try after seeing my posts about a few of the vegan and natural products I was receiving in boxes.


This is a facial cleanser.  You put it on to dry skin then add water to activate.  It removes eye makeup along with your regular makeup and whatever else you might have going on.  It left my skin feeling really soft and clean.  Sometimes you can feel a residue from cleansers and though this has an oil like texture right out of the bottle there is no trace of that after use.


This little spray bottle is toner.  You just mist it on your face after cleansing and go.  I am not sure what the ingredients are but it smells good. It’s not a perfume scent but more of a fresh clean one.  I also like that you can just spray it on instead of having to wipe it on with a cotton pad.


This is a face serum that she recommends you use instead of a moisturizer.  You need just a little and tap it in to damp skin.  I have used a few serums and while it is a different way of keeping your skin healthy I have found them to be effective.  This one is no exception to that.


These little pots are blush and lip balm samples.  The blush is a super natural looking color on and lip balm makes your lips “Smoochable”.

If you want to see her whole line of products or get pricing on any of them you can visit her Facebook page here and there are links on there to send her an email for any more questions you might have.

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