Kawaii Box February 2015

This week I don’t have too many boxes that show up but I am hoping to get Ipsy, Birchbox, and Kiwi Crate.  There is a slim chance for Glossybox and Avalai as well.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Kawaii Box is a monthly box of items selected from Japanese and Korean kawaii products.  Kawaii means cute so everything is based on that premise.  They ship anywhere in the world with free shipping and the box is $18.90 a month.  This has quickly become one of my favorite boxes that I receive.  It is full of things that no one really needs, but I’m always so thrilled to get.  I cannot see me getting rid of this box anytime in the near future.  It just makes me happy on so may levels.


As always there is a hand written note instead of an info card.  It’s a nice personal touch, even if everyone gets the same one, which I’m guessing is what happens.


I love crazy socks and as soon as the snow storm in the forecast has let up and it gets warm again I will be rocking these.  Oh and that blur in the bottom corner…..that’s my Hubby who has tried on multiple occasions to stick his thumb in the pictures as I take them.  I’m hoping now with this success he will give up.


This is an AlPacasso coin purse.  It is the cutest little thing ever.  It has a zipper over the top and could be used for any small treasures you want to hide in it.  It comes with a little chain so you can attach it to a bag or your keychain even.


This little “purse” is a notepad.  It has a rainbow of pages in it and is about 2″x4″ so perfect for joting down those little reminders.


This is a panda foam squishy.  I still don’t have a use for all of these that I have received but maybe I could take them to work and line them up on my windowsill?  It’s kind of like a tiny stress ball and there are definitely days I need that at work.


These are photo decoration stickers.  There are two sizes, ones that would just hold a corner and then longer ones that would cover the whole edge of a photo.  I do not scrapbook….I just do not get the point but I think I will put these to use even if it’s just a craft with Bug.


This is a length of ice cream cone grosgrain ribbon.  I have visions of using this to make bows for the girls hair.


Pocky Panda Sticks!  There has yet to be a flavour of these I do not like.  These look like chocolate sticks with white chocolate dip and chocolate crumbles in them.  I’m watching what I eat right now so I’m going to hide these away from the kids and savour them later.


Sticky notes!!!! There are few stationery options I like more then sticky notes.  These have a bigger pad and five little tab like ones. While my coworkers may think I’m insane (not that I have a valid argument otherwise)  they will soon be the recipients of memos from me with these on them.


A pen made for a princess and I am pretty sure I qualify.  There is a crown and sceptre on the top of this and it writes pretty well to boot.


This is a pencil shaped binder clip.  I want to take it work to use but I think it would develope legs so I will clip things to my hearts content at home with it.

I can’t find the picture for some reason but there was also a pencil case with three pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener and ruler with cute cartoon animals on them included.




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