BlushBox Teaser February 2015

My monthly teaser box from BlushBox has arrived.  This post contains images and words of an adult nature. As such if you want to continue reading click the link and the rest will appear. If you’re at work, have kidlets around or are easily offended this might not be the time or post for you.

BlushBox is an adult subscription service dedicated to making you embrace your sexy side. The offer plenty of options, from a quarterly box, a mini box, a teaser box, panty delivery, condom delivery and a toy club, ranging from $15-$99.  I have subscribed to the monthly teaser box, which sends you 3-5 products and samples every month. The price ranges from $21-$27 depending on the term length you choose. The outer box is plain, saying only that it is from BB and contains personal items.


The box has changed this month.  It used to be a square box with a logo sticker on it and now it’s rectangular and the logo is embossed into the lid. It’s still wrapped up with a seasonally coloured bow though.


The first look gives me nothing but a card.  It’s just been my luck this month but this card tells me nothing about the products, just a code for a discount from their store.


Spa Essentials Sensual Massage Cream

I don’t want to snap the top off this to find out what it smells like since you cannot close it up again.  Now I just need to convince Hubby that giving me a massage is a good plan.


Box Intimate Wipes Lavender

I’ve received these is other boxes and they do what they are supposed to. They are all natural and if you really like them or use wipes like this a lot you can get a monthly subscription of just them.


H2O Strawberry Kiss Flavored Lubricant

This is a latex safe lube sample.  I never really get the point of making them flavoured but to each their own.


Love Button Arousal Balm & Sensual Enhancer

This is an edible balm that you rub on to increase sensitivity and satisfaction.  It contains peppermint oil, which gives a tingle and is the reason for the physical reactions it causes.  It also says on the package that you can use it to provide soothing relief for headaches.


HottProducts Unlimited Tongue Teaser Vibrator

This is a tongue shaped vibrator that you actually wear on you tongue.  It is battery operated and has an on/off switch.  It will last for 40 minutes and is 100% silicone.  While I can see how this might be a beneficial thing, I’m almost positive your real tongue would go numb from being vibrated as well.  This box has sent me things I never ever knew existed.


Triple X Vouchers

This is a 10 pack of sexy coupons.  I was going to take a picture of one of the actual coupons they are really graphic images and I didn’t think they were appropriate even on this adult themed post.  Just image the cover image without the blanket and you have an idea.  Some of the coupons included are a doggie style session, a BJ, a 69 and so forth.

This was another fun month of stuff from BlushBox.  The products in the box are maybe not for everyone but they stimulate (wink, wink) conversation if nothing else.  They also encourage you to maybe take the time out of your day to connect with your partner and just have some fun.  While Valentine’s day is just past the link on my sidebar for a couples box is still a good idea if you want to change things up.

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