Indulge Me Box February 2015

Indulge Me Box is a relatively new Canadian monthly box.  Boxes cost $20 per month with $5 shipping to Canada, but do get cheaper with longer subscriptions.  Each box will include a  mix of skin care, makeup, accessories and surprise gifts. They also promise to include at least five items in each box, though this may be changing in future months.


First look this month was pretty good.  I was sad to see that there was a powder over everything.  I could see just a corner of something orange that was the same color as the powder but it was a mess.


Accessories by Upper Canada Peppermint Infused Cozy Socks-$7.00

I love fun socks.  Fuzzy socks are right up there too.  These have peppermint oil in them to help smooth and soften your feet as you wear them.  I have had similar type socks from other companies and like them.  I have no idea if they actually do anything for my feet but they keep them warm and that’s all I need.


Eyes By ToGoSpa Coconut Replenishing Treatments-$12.50

I have been seeing these things all over the internet lately.  Bear has been antisleep for the last little while, coupled with me going back to work, so something that will soothe my eye area and help to make it look like I might have had more then 3 hours of sleep is awesome.


Poppy & Elle Ribbon Hair Ties-$5.36

I have become enamored with these things.  I like getting them as often as I can and wear them every day.


Elbow Grease Relaxing Solid Lotion Bar-$3.50

Another handmade Etsy item, this is a bar that you just need to warm up in your hands and then rub on to moisturize for all day softness.


Scented Bath Fizzle in Orange Frosty

This was the source of all the mess.  There is a hole in the plastic wrap and it must have got mashed in transport.  I have sent an email to let them know and I have always had great response from them before so I expect nothing different this time.  This being broken doesn’t affect my ability to use this item once that bath ban is over…..only one more week to go.

I think this might be my favorite box from them so far, so I’m kind of sad that after this one they are switching up things and they are going to be sending out natural skincare, cosmetics & bonus items instead of lifestyle products.  I hope that they keep up with the level of quality that they have built up to over the last few months.  If you want to check them out visit



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