Ecocentric Mom January 2015 Mom and Baby Box

Ecocentric mom subscription boxes focus on healthy, natural, organic products. You can choose from a pregnancy box, a mom box, or a mom and baby box. They ship every other month and are $24. I went with the mom and baby box to get a few things for me while getting stuff for the wee one that is maybe less full of bad things then what I might just buy off a store shelf. With only two more boxes to go after this one before we age out of this box, I’ve been waiting for this one to arrive impatiently.


This one is so pretty once you open the lid.



Under that paper was a full box!  Sigh….no info card in this one either…..the packers of my boxes must have been conspiring against me this month.


Snack Out Load Foods Crunchy Beam Snack in Tomato Basil

My first thought upon seeing these was eww.  After I remembered I’m an adult and shouldn’t be so picky right off the bat I read the package and these might actually be good.  They are also high in protein, which is something my new eating plan is big on so I’ll have to have these as a snack sometime soon.



Botanic Bath Infusion Rose Retreat Bath Salts

This is the mom part of the box and they smell great.  It’s another item I will have to use after I can bath again.  Only  a week and a half left in my ban.


Organic Flavrs Topical Peach Drink Mix

I use water flavors all the time to help me drink more water then I would if it was plain.  I have never tried this brand but  I’m excited to because I haven’t found a peach flavored one around.


KeriCure Natural Seal Skin Protectant

Bug is so clumsy (she takes after me) that this will be so handy once the snow goes away and we can run around outside again.  This mimics your own skin to provide a coating over boo-boos to keep germs out. There was also a coupon for $1.50 off (you’ll see it in the last picture).

20150206_125057 20150206_125138

Mama Loves Me Book

Bear is just starting to enjoy books and I’m sure Bug will just steal this anyways but we never turn down a book in this house.  I am a voracious reader and am doing my best to raise a couple more.  The cool part of this book is that the trunk goes through all the pages.  It’s a story about what mom does for her baby and the baby’s favorite things.


Amara Organic Dries Baby Food Apple Flavor

Bear is not a fan of baby food.  She never wanted any that I made for her and would just rather eat whatever everyone else is eating.  I’ve read that other people throw stuff like this into their smoothies so maybe I’l give that a try to use it up.


BumBoosa Bamboo Baby Wipes 2 sample packs

These are an all natural bum wipe.  Since I normally just go with whatever I have a coupon for or the jumbo box from Costco these will be a change.  However 2 wipes is not even enough for one poop cleanup so that’s a bit disappointing.


Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 2 Sample Packets

I keep hearing about coconut oil and the amazingness of it but I have never used it for anything.  I’ll have to see what I can cook with this.

20150206_125355 20150206_125427 Note Cards

This is a little booklet with a bunch of different designed flat note cards.  I think it’s cute and the cards are made out of nice thick stock.


This was all the paper at the bottom of my box.  I had hopes that one of these was an info card but alas…..

There was a pamphlet on the wipes, an advertisement for reusable food pouches, the coupon, a discount code for Pura Botanicals, and a discount code for O & N Collective.

I think this was a good box.  There was lots of stuff to try and a good mix of food and nonfood products.  I’m going to try to use all of the stuff even if I have to improvise on a few items.  You can check them out by visiting


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