Bare Bliss Box December 2014

Bare Bliss Box is an organic, vegan, and toxic free makeup and beauty product subscription.  You can subscribe month to month or in three month increments.  It is either $16.99 a month or $12.99 if you choose to pay in the three month option plus shipping to Canada of course. This box always takes a long time to get to me, and this month was worse since they forgot to ship me one at all.  I had originally signed up for a three month term and since it’s always been one of the last boxes I get each month I didn’t really think to much of the fact that it sometime in January and I still didn’t have it.  I finally sent them an email and asked them if my box had been shipped out or what was happening.  The responded quickly and said they would get it out to me the next day.  After the usual long shipping time it finally arrived.


First look is nicely wrapped as always.


The info card has some winter skin tips on the reverse side and the products and full sized retails on this side.


Pura Bela Creme Deodorant-1oz $5.00

I recently received a different creme deodorant in another box and while I was originally a little weirded out by having to rub it in with my fingers, I am now okay with it.  This one is the same idea but they included a little scoop to get it out of the jar.  This one has a bright and fresh scent, so it should mask any sweat smell that I may work up.


Mungo Murphy’s Sea-Bags-1 Bag $4.13

You are supposed to steep this in hot water, then transfer the water and bag into your bath.  After you soak you can reuse the bag as a scrub the next time you shower.  It will help with circulation, detoxifying, stiff muscles and some minor skin irritations.  Once my one month bath ban from my surgery is over I will be giving this a try.


The Coye Candle Co. Luxury Soy Candle in Home For The Holidays-$16.00

This smells great!  It would have been perfect for Christmas if it had showed up then but it may have to wait now because it’s really festively scented.  This is about a half size from the ones you can buy but still will last for a long burning time.


doTerra On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste-2x2g $0.20 each

This uses essential oils and polishing agents to whiten teeth and freshen breath.


Pure Natural Diva Radical Organic Facial Serum-0.08oz $8.00

This super tiny sample has Rooibus extract that will attack free radicals in your skin.  You need to warm it between your fingers then rub it on.  It doesn’t smell that great but since you need such a small amount I can deal with it.

As mentioned this was my last box from them.  I never really found anything I couldn’t live without so I let it go.  I think it was a good valued organic box and with the exception of this last box had no problems with them.

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