Danklo January 2015

Danklo is a monthly service that bills themselves as a “Monthly Life Enhancer”.  They ship out an assortment of things and “You’ll Never Guess What’s Inside”.  They have three shipping options ranging from $7.99 to $13.99 a month and you get from 1-2 to 1-5 gifts depending on your choice.  You do fill out a little survey so they have an idea about you and your likes. There will also be a cash prize in each box from $1-$1000.


They ship in a colorful bubble mailer.  It has been a different color each month so far.


Instead of an info card you get a little booklet detailing your surprises.


Farberware Flip-Grip Sharpener-$8.97

Hubby had just commented the other day that one of our knives was dull and now we can fix that!  I would never have thought to buy one of these myself so I’m quite happy with this.


Zeiss Clean Screen Wipes 20pk-$3.99

Our laptop and tv are always covered in fingerprints from the kidlets, so these are a lifesaver.  I’m not sure that they are much more effective then the damp cloth I use now but they will be used up in no time.


Retractable Charge & Sync Cable-~$5.00

I cannot find this exact charger online but similar ones seem to run at around $5.00 so that’s what I’m going with.  My backup charger cable crapped out last night actually so this is perfectly timed.  It locks out extended so you don’t have to worry about it pulling your phone off of whatever it’s sitting on.



Well it’s not the big money but it is a whole dollar more than last month and with the Canadian dollar dropping it’s almost like $3. American money is so plain looking but it spends fantastically.  Danklo had actually sent me an email asking if I was able to use American dollars up here or if I would like them to try to find Canadian ones……I’m sure you can guess my response.

This months treasures had a value of $19.96.  With shipping and the exchange rate that is less then I paid for the subscription.  I’m thinking that this is one that I’ll be dropping unless our dollar rebounds really quickly.  I like the idea of getting a completely random group of item each month but it’s hard to justify it when the value is not there.

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