BarkBox January 2015

Archie’s favorite delivery came today.  BarkBox is a toy and treat box just for pups. Prices start at $29 per month but go down to $18 if you choose a yearly plan. Shipping to Canada is $5/month.  Along with the products part of your subscription cost is donated to dogs in need, so along with fun stuff for your pooch you are also helping out dogs that might not be as pampered as yours. You can select from tiny, small & cute, just right, and big & bold sizes to get a selection of products best suited to your dog. The theme this month is Ice Age!

20150126_100811 20150126_100838

I know I say it each time but I just love the paper!  I think it’s so cute and fun and it makes my day when I see it.  Underneath I couldn’t tell too much beyond a snowflake.


The reverse of the card lists the items included along with their retail prices and codes to use if you want to order them again.


Caru Real Pork Stew-$6.00

Neither of our dogs really eat soft food but I think I will feed it to our older dog who recently had all but 6 of her teeth pulled.  She eats dry kibble fine but this will be a nice treat for her.


Aussie Naturals Salmon Skins-$8.00

These smell. A lot. Right through the sealed bag.  I know many people feed their dogs fish parts because of how good they are for their coats but I am having a crazy recoil reaction to actually having to touch these even though I’m not normally squeamish at all.  I think it’s the smell, kind of a bad fish ick thing.  I’ll just get Hubby to do it as I have complete faith that Archie will love them.


BarkMade Snowflake-$11.00

This toy has squeakers in a few of the points and crinkles in the others.  Archie has given it a few chews but now the baby has decided it should be her toy so I’ll have to give it more time to see if this one is a win or not.


Butcher’s Block Bones Trachea-$2.00

Yes you read that right….it’s an actual trachea.  It looks so disgusting but I give it a five minute time frame to be devoured.


Max & Ruffy’s Blizzard Bites-$5.00

These are a molasses and ginger flavored dog biscuit.  They totally smell like a gingersnap and look a bit like one too.  They are wheat. corn, soy and GMO free and anything in them is organic. Archie had a taste and likes them.

This was another good box from them, filled with things the dogs like.  It’s nice to get a new toy each month since that’s about the time it takes for Archie to destroy the previous one.  If you’d like to try out BarkBox send me a message and I can email you a link to get a FREE!!! box for yourself.

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