Kiwi Crate January 2015

Kiwi Crate is a monthly craft and discovery box for children 3-12. They have recently expanded their options to boxes for specific ages or you can chose the regular one which is for all ages.  Kiwi crate is $19.95 a month but goes down with longer subscriptions.  I have seen plenty of deals out right now for them so I think you can even get lower pricing or free boxes if you search around. This month’s theme is Let’s Bake.


First look is always the same, beyond the changing projects.


The magazine this month has the usual stories and fact but also included some cutouts to make your shipping box into an oven.  Very cool!


Project one is My Frosted Cake.

You put together a cake from foam pieces with clay icing and stickers for decorations.  This one is listed as high on the messy scale, medium in grownup involvement and utilizes creating, exploring and fine moving skills.  Since we’ve just had Bear’s birthday the timing was good on this and Bug is excited to “bake”.


Project two is My Chef Dress-up.  It includes a chef hat and apron to decorate.  This one is low on the messiness scale, low on grownup involvement, and provides exploring, creating, and gross moving skills.  Bug has her own apron already but one she gets to decorate and cover in glitter crayon will probably be a bigger hit.

This month I think will be another win for Bug with Kiwi Crate.  She really enjoys the crafts and in the true test of anything for kids, actually plays with the stuff after it’s made.  They offer some individual boxes on their site so we may have to pick up a couple of those to cover the time between boxes.  The quality of the products is better then thw crafts I can pick up at the dollar store too.

If you would like to sign up I’d appreciate it if you’d use my link:


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