Blush Box Teaser January 2015

My monthly teaser box from BlushBox has arrived.  This post contains images and words of an adult nature. As such if you want to continue reading click the link and the rest will appear. If you’re at work, have kidlets around or are easily offended this might not be the time or post for you.

BlushBox is an adult subscription service dedicated to making you embrace your sexy side. The offer plenty of options, from a quarterly box, a mini box, a teaser box, panty delivery, condom delivery and a toy club, ranging from $15-$99.  I have subscribed to the monthly teaser box, which sends you 3-5 products and samples every month. The price ranges from $21-$27 depending on the term length you choose. The outer box is plain, saying only that it is from BB and contains personal items. There has always been a good mix of items to encourage play in this box and while not everything gets used it brings laughs if nothing else.


The box inside the plain box comes with a bow.

20150113_133618 20150113_133629

The info card.  It’s just a basic description of what you’ll find inside and who makes it.


Aphrodisiac Infused Shimmer Spray by Dona

This is really sparkly.  If you’re looking to become a glittery sex kitten this is for you. It smells okay, no idea if it actually is releasing pheromones and making me more attractive to the opposite sex or not.  I know my Hubby is attracted to me so I don’t need it for him but I don’t think wearing it out in public is the best idea……though a line of men following me around as I do something as banal as get groceries is kind of a fun thought.

20150113_133723 20150113_133800

Silky Sensual Handcuffs by Bijoux Indiscrets

I am all for getting a little 50 Shades and these are perfect for that.  They are just a long strip of satin fabric with a hole near one end to loop them through to make the cuffs.  They have velvet words embossed on them as you can see, with the largest being lust.


Finger Rimmer by Bottoms Up

This is described as a beginner butt plug.  We don’t play that way so I’ll have to find a more adventurous friend to give this to.  This box is all about trying new things so I can see why they’d include it and i’m sure lots of other people were thrilled to receive it.


Oral-gasm Enhancer Balm by Tasty Twist

This is a flavored balm the can be used on either sex to change the taste while giving oral pleasure.  I just don’t know that making it taste like mint chocolate chip is really better though.   Just from reading the ingredients it seems like it might provide some lubrication options as well.

This was the first month where I did not receive something that vibrated.  It was also the first time there is an item that simply won’t get used.  There is not really a way to get pricing on most of these items (I’ve tried Googling them, bad idea) but I think it’s a fair value for the box.  Click on the link in my sidebar for a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for you and your partner.

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