My Visit To The Emergency Room

Hello everyone!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve been able to get here and make a post, but I promise I had a good reason.  Over the weekend I was struck with pain and had to take myself to the ER and ended up having surgery and being hospitalized.  Thankfully it was minor as far as surgeries go but still it was the first time I’ve ever been hospitalized so it was a little on the scary side.

It all started Monday evening when I was having some pain in my upper abdomen.  I thought it was just a bad case of heartburn so took some antacids and had a bath and went to bed.  I’ve gotten this pain a few times a year for many years and it has always just been a few hours in the evening and then done. Tuesday morning it had subsided to the point of being almost gone so I gave it no further thought.  Tuesday evening it was back and it was worse.  I tried the antacids again along with a hot shower but that did nothing for me.  I gave in to the pain and decided to go to the mediclinic.  However since I made this decision at 9:00pm I was limited to three clinics still open.  I checked with my regular one and they had already reached their patient limit and were no longer accepting new walk ins.  I stopped off at the one near my house and they had also stopped taking new patients because their health nurse had to leave.  I was left with one clinic and a rapidly dwindling time frame.  As I pulled up to my last hope I could see the receptionist inside closing the curtains and I was thinking I was out of luck.  Thankfully when I went in and asked if I could still see the doctor she said yes.  I was the only person in the waiting room so got in right away and described my pain and the location and the Doctor decided to check me out for gallstones.  Because of the time there was nothing he could do right then but give me a prescription for an antispasmodic to try to stop the pain, tell me to take it with some OTC pain meds and give me a requisition for bloodwork and an ultrasound.

The pain did subside enough for me to sleep and I took myself off for blood work the next morning.  I couldn’t get in to the ultrasound place till Thursday morning and as usual they tell you nothing just that the doctor will have the results and you can talk to them.  Thursday night I was in pain again and even went to the most trustworthy giver of advice….Google… find relief. The consensus of the internet was that gallbladder pain could be relieved quickly by taking 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and drinking them with 1 cup of apple juice. Let me say that this is one of the most horrible tasting things I have ever had but I was in so much pain and the prescription and pain meds were doing nothing so I went for it.  I tried to get some sleep in the hope that I would get the call from the doc in the morning with some results and a possible cure.  Shortly after 11pm I was up and knew I needed to go to the hospital.  I woke up the Hubby and called my mom to come watch the girls and off we went.  We arrived at around 11:45pm and I got in line.  The waiting room wasn’t full but there was a bunch of people there before me.  I was able to get actually registered and seen by the intake nurses at 12:50am and since everyone is taken by severity as opposed to arrival sat down for a wait.  I was called in to see the doctor at 3:30am and they took down my symptoms and listened to what I been through in the last few days. They started me with an IV port and gave me a version of the antispasmodic I’d been on and a dose of morphine.  Now I’ve never needed to have any serious drugs before but I have seen the effects of morphine on friends and family so I was waiting for the relief. Imagine my surprise when none was forthcoming. After a second dose with no effect they switched me over to a different pain killer that is stronger.  Apparently there are some people, including myself it seems,  that have no reaction to morphine.  Things you learn at odd times.  Once they got my pain lowered it became a waiting game for bloodwork results and needing the ultrasound place to open up for those results as well.  Shortly after 8am things got moving.  My tests showed I had 2 gallstones and a possible infection, causing me the pain.  The general surgeon was called in to give an opinion.  The resident showed up first, took notes, and said he’d talk to the surgeon.  Just before lunch she came and gave the news that my gallbladder was coming out.

Since now all that was left was to wait for an opening in the operating room, Hubby went home to grab a nap and switch off with Grandma.  Grandma stopped by to drop off a few things I needed and a quick visit and I spent some time napping and wishing for food and drink.  They took pity on me and started me on IV fluids at 1pm and took me upstairs to the surgery floor around 2pm.  Right after I got up there they said get ready you are going for surgery.  In the time it took me to go to the bathroom and start to undress they bumped me.  The nurse figured an emergency had come in and that was the cause.  I was left on waiting list so I couldn’t eat or drink anything since I could go in anytime.  I finally got bored of playing on my phone around 7pm and ordered up the tv in my room for some entertainment.

After a fairly restful night interrupted only to be awoken for them to take more blood I was told at 8am I was going in.  They wheeled me down to the OR and I got myself settled on the table.  I was expecting the sleeping drugs to work like it is when you faint, how everything goes black from the outside in, but I was breathing deeply looking at the lights and then I was waking up in recovery.  I don’t remember any dreams really but I do recall sitting in a diner chatting with Elvis so it must have been good!  I was back in my room by 11:30am and food followed shortly.  Jell-o has never tasted so good.  The rest of my evening was spent visiting a bit and watching tv and napping.

I was allowed to go home Sunday morning with instructions to watch that I eat nothing greasy and to not lift anything.  One of those is easier to follow then the other.  So in the end everything worked out good and I’m feeling much better and that’s why I’ve been absent from posting for a bit.  I have a few boxes waiting for me and I hope to get those up here for you soon.  Have a good day!


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