Memebox Luckybox #12

Well a new week is here and with it hope for more boxes!  I think I might have broken my mailman though because I didn’t get any mail for the last two days of last week. Which is odd.  Not even a bill (no complaints there).  This week I am thinking I may get Blushbox Teaser, Topbox, Lip Factory (maybe if they’ve figured out their issues), Barkbox and  Birchbox.  Though there is a chance a bunch of those only came middle of the month last moth because of the holidays. As I search on vain for my mailman here is my last Memebox.

Memebox is a non subscription beauty box. They are, as per their site, curated by our experts in Korea to offer you the widest selection of the hottest Korean beauty products. Memeboxes contains 4 – 7 full-sized items and deluxe samples, and contents vary from makeup, skin care, hair and body products.  They seemed to be a fun bunch of things so I thought I’d give them a try. There are plenty of different themed boxes to choose from and shipping is $6.99 to Canada from Korea.

20150105_154641 20150105_154647

This in the Luckybox, which contains the best loved products from previous boxes. There are six items in this box, all of which are full sized.


Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharger Essence-$18.00

This is a brightening essence to help dull dehydrated skin. You use it after cleansing and toning as a moisturizer.  It is ful of citrus extracts and smells pretty good.  It does take a few minutes to absorb so it’s not for quick mornings but would probably be good for bedtime.


Langsre Rose Berry 70 Sleeping Pack-$30.00

Those odd looking things you can see in the picture are actual rose petals in the serum.  You wear this overnight to get deep moisture into your skin.  It has a rose scent (obviously) but it’s not really strong or offensive.


Pureplus+ Lip Treatment-$9.00

There were three possible options for this lip balm and I received Milk Bebe.  This has collagen in it to plump up and nourish dry lips.  I’m going to have to guess from the pictures that it also contains snail and grapes.  Snail is used alot in cosmetics in Korea but it’s still a little odd for here.

20150105_155034 20150105_155055

RiRe Pigment-$12.00

This was another product with a few color options.  I received Club Burgandy and I like it but it’s most definitely not an everyday color.  I tried to get a close up of the jar to show how glittery it is.  I will have to try this out in a small amount at a time.  So sparkly!


Pisteo Bright & Pure C Serum-$25.00

This is a pure vitamin C concentrate used to replenish moisture, fine lines, and brighten complexion.  It has a little guage on the side of the bottle to show how much to use at a time.  This vial is a seven day supply.  It smells very fresh and nice.


Tonymoly BCDation All Master Spf30-$10.00

This is a BB cream, CC cream and foundation in one, with all the benefits of each one.  This is the perfect thing for me.  I tend to only use either a Bb or CC cream at a time but do use one or the other everyday plus foundation.  I may have to buy more of this.  I’m not sure if it comes in other colors for different skin tones but this one luckily is good for mine.

This box cost me $29.99 shipping included and has a value of $104.00.  I can’t get over the great values you receive with these boxes.  All have been at least double with most being way over that.  I like the products and have enjoyed getting to try them.  I may have to see what new boxes they have out…….


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