Indulge Me Box January 2015

Indulge Me Box is a relatively new Canadian monthly box.  Boxes cost $20 per month with $5 shipping to Canada, but do get cheaper with longer subscriptions.  Each box will include a  mix of skin care, makeup, accessories and surprise gifts. They also promise to include at least five items in each box, though this may be changing in future months.



First look seems like it’s a little empty but that’s just due to the fact that the box is always the same size no matter what’s in it.

20150106_142736 20150106_142745

I like their info cards.  The front is always seasonally appropriate and the back lists the items and retails.


Pretty Tea in Peppery Grapefruit-$3.50

I do not drink coffee so tea is my warm beverage of choice.  This one smells amazing!  My Hubby got me the cutest little tea steeper for Xmas so I have everything I need to try this.  I can see actual pieces of dried grapefruit in it and they included a code to get free shipping if you order from the website. Oh and they are Canadian too, yay!


Fresh Cream Tinted Lip Balm-$3.50

As you can see this is Cinnamon with  Gold Shimmer tinted, and it is also awesome.  It provides more of just the shimmer when it’s on then a color but it looks good and feels good.  The company promises that each one is made just 2 weeks before shipping, so you know it’s fresh as well.


Naiad Soap Arts Sugar Scrub in Pineapple Mint-$6.57

This is one of the oddest things I’ve ever smelt.  It’s not a bad smell just a super weird combo to me.  I think my soap fetish is only slightly below my lip product and stationery fetishes so I love receiving anything bath/body related.  It’s items like this though that I keep hidden away for just me instead of allowing the family to try.


Karma Hoop Earrings-$12.00

I haven’t been wearing a lot of dangly earring lately because Bear like to grab and pull things that are sparkly and that swing.   These have a good weight to them but they didn’t feel heavy on my ears and I think looked nice on me.  20150106_142859


Braid Sting with Feathers-$8.00

This is probably my least favorite item in the box this month, mostly because I simply don’t know when I would wear it.  It Can be used as a headband or braided into you hair.  I think I might get more use out of it if I take the feathers off.


Indie Beauty Shop Green & White Detox Facial Mask-$1.00

This was a bonus item this month.  There is enough here for two uses and this is also from a Canadian company.

This months box has a value of $34.57.  I have always found this box to be fun and containing things I like.  It seems there have been some people who have contacted the owner and feel that they are being ripped off but I’m not sure why they feel that.  I think maybe they are forgetting that this is only the third offering and all new boxes have a learning curve.  The owner has taken the feedback and made changes to try to give people what they want and I think there has been plenty of effort made with them.  I hope this box continues to grow.



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