Danklo December 2014

Danklo is a monthly service that bills themselves as a “Monthly Life Enhancer”.  They ship out an assortment of things and “You’ll Never Guess What’s Inside”.  They have three shipping options ranging from $7.99 to $13.99 a month and you get from 1-2 to 1-5 gifts depending on your choice.  You do fill out a little survey so thy have an idea about you and your likes.  When I signed up there was a sweepstakes entry with every box but now the website says there will be a cash prize in each box from $1-$1000. I was okay with what they sent out last month so I was hopeful that this month would not disappoint.


This box took a long time to get to me this time.  As you can see it has a Holiday message and treat and I received it after New Years.  I like candy though so I’ll forgive them this time.

20150105_152951 20150105_153007 20150105_153021

Instead of an info card they included a booklet with the items and usage instructions.


Mini Bluetooth Speaker-$29.99

They don’t include prices on your info booklet but I was able to find this speaker online so I feel confident in the pricing.  I don’t have a speaker for my phone so I’m probably  more excited about this then I should be.  It holds a charge for up to five hours so you are good to go for most of an evening if you need to be away from a plug.  I haven’t tried out the sound but I think it should be good.

20150105_153235 20150105_153242

Griffin USB Car Charger-$6.95

I already have a similar one of these so it’s less of a win for me but still a useful item.  There is not a theme for the box but it does seem geared to phone accesories this time.

I subscribe to the Prime option of this box and they promise lifetime returns on the items.  As for the promised money, yep it was there.  I received $1.00USD which with the current exchange rate is not too shabby. LOL.  I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to keep on with Danklo.  I like the idea of a completely random box of stuff but while I’ve been okay with my stuff nothing has wowed me.  I fully expected to only receive $1.00 but it would be nice to get a few more bucks.  The products so far have been practical and useful, though not mindblowing.

Visit them here if you’d like to see what they’re about.


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