Memebox Special #77 My Lovely Boutique

I have some hope that I will be getting something else to show you soon but until then here is one more Memebox opening.  Memebox is a non subscription beauty box. They are, as per their site, curated by our experts in Korea to offer you the widest selection of the hottest Korean beauty products. Memeboxes contains 4 – 7 full-sized items and deluxe samples, and contents vary from makeup, skin care, hair and body products.  They seemed to be a fun bunch of things so I thought I’d give them a try. There are plenty of different themed boxes to choose from and shipping is $6.99 to Canada from Korea.

20150102_143750 20150102_143757


This one is themed around indulgences with a cute leaning.


Shara Shara Acerola Moist Oil Balm-$17.00

If I’m being honest I totally thought that said areola balm.  Oops!  This balm is made to replenish dry flaky skin quickly.  It has a super light floral scent and I like it.

20150102_143903 20150102_143912 20150102_143928

Shara Shara Only You Necklace Lip Balm No.1 Juicy Peach-$34.00

I think this is kinda cool.  It looks like a plain locket closed and it’s not too big, so it doesn’t look cheap either.  The lip balm is nice too.  It has a long enough chain to hang down to about mid-chest and has a nice weight to it.  I’m not sure when I will wear it but think that I will make an effort.


Shara Shara Natural Shining BB Spf36-$16.00

This BB cream has micro pearl, diamond, and amethyst powders to give a gleaming complexion.  It might be just a touch to shimmery for everyday though.  I want to say I would be okay going to work with it on but a whole face full might be too much.  I really like it though……I’m torn.


Etude House My Castle Hand Cream in Forever Rose-$7.00

There were 4 scent and house options that you could receive in this one.  This one has your typical rose scented lotion in it.  The lotion absorbs really quickly, is not greasy, and the scent is not crazy strong but it is slightly reminiscent of Grandma.


Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City-$30.00

This is a CC cream.  I tried just a bit and am really impressed.  It really made a difference in the appearance of my skin.  I don’t know that falling in love with a product I need to get from Korea is a good thing but for as long as this lasts I’m going to be super happy.


TheYeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Pack-$6.00

I haven’t opened one of these pouches up yet but it is supposed to be a yogurt like mask.  One is for energy, one is for your pores, and the other is an exfoliating one.   Even if Hubby thinks I’m odd walking around in my masks once a week, I love the way my skin feels afterwards.  I have high hopes for these.

All products are full sized and this box has a value of $110.00.  I paid $29.99 shipping included for this box.  I have no real plans to be a regular orderer from Memebox but the value is definitely there and it only take a couple of weeks to arrive (which is better then some boxes I get from the US).  I have a penchant for the cutsie boxes but they offer all types from skincare to haircare to strictly makeup.  Maybe if there is another special on, I can get a few more.  This one with the BB and CC creams is I think my favorite so far.  Both seem to be excellent for me and I wear those type of products daily.


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