Phone Case of The Month December 2014

Phone case of the month sends you out a new case for your phone once a month.  You can get a new case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy right now but they are looking to expand that if there is a large amount of need for other brands. They have also just started providing cases for the iPhone6 too.  The case is $10 per month and shipping to Canada is another $5. While they are no where near as protective a case as an Otterbox they are a fun way to switch things up.  I was stunned at how much lighter my phone was with this case as opposed to the Otterbox I had on there. Never realized it was so big till it was gone. You get a case, a little info card, and a treat!


Inside of a regular bubble mailer is your case in a bag and this month a card from Stunner of the Month, which is a sunglasses subscription.  They are running a promo right now with PCOTM to get a discount on your first pair.  I’m not into getting shades every month but I can see how switching your phone and glasses up each month is appealing.


Inside the bag was my treat (something different every month so far), the case, and a little card with a poem and the tags to use if you want to share.  I have to say that this is my favorite case so far.  I have been waiting for something that is really me and they nailed it this time.  Not everyone gets the same cases so what you receive can be completely different.


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