Bowzer Box December 2015

Since our BarkBox subscription ran out I decided to get just a six month plan of another one for the pups. There are lots to choose from but I went with a Canadian one that wasn’t hugely expensive. Bowzer Box sends out a selection of treats and toys carefully selected to make you and your dog happy. You start off by selecting your dog size from small, medium, or large. You then pick a term from 1,3, or 6 months. All plans automatically renew but there is a slight discount for the longer terms. Boxes start at $29.00 a month and there is a $4.50 shipping charge also. They donate 10% of the fee to dogs in need, so you get to feel good about helping without having to do anything.

20151226_153613 20151226_153621

The card this month gives a Thank You to all their subscribers for the past year and talks about how fun Christmas should be for children and puppies.  They also have given a code so if you want to subscribe that will give you 10% off your plan.  Just use REFERFRIEND at the checkout if you want.


The box was quite packed this month, which is always a good thing.


Allure Pet Products Hugglehounds-$12.00

This stuffed chew toy is also a squeaker.  It is very much seasonally themed and Archie is going to love it once he gets it, sometime after the children are awake so his incessant squeaking does not make me yell at him for waking them up.


Northern Blend Turkey Cranberry Biscuits

I figured it would be easier to let them tell you about them then try to do it myself so here is their blurb on these. “Tasty as a Thanksgiving Dinner! Baked with fresh, food-grade, grain-fed turkey, raised locally on Ontario farms.  We add in whole cranberries, which are also a great antioxidant as well as being helpful in maintaining a healthy urinary tract.  Slowly baked with whole barley and rolled oats grown and milled locally.”  Archie is not too fussy when it comes to anything going in his mouth so he’ll love these.


Envirofresh Slurp’N Fresh

My mom used to use this with her dogs and it worked so I will be adding it to the pups water bowl every time I fill it. This not only helps with their breath but reduces tartar and plaque as well.


Hero Dog Treats Beef Trachea

I find these so gross but Archie loves them!  They smell and feel yucky when I hand them out but since they are a natural treat I give them to him anyways.

20151226_153709 20151226_153748

These two items are bonuses this month.  One is a sample pack of Benny Bully’s Beef Liver & Real Banana cookies and the other is a roll of pooper bags.

This month was a bit better for me then other ones have been.  I am always left feeling just a little disappointed with this box.  They send out good stuff but it really is not as good as BarkBox was.  We have two more to go in this one so we’ll see if they can change my mind.  I do love that they are Canadian, and source from Canada for at least some of the items and that has not changed.  Three of the four items are Canadian!


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