The Sweet Pea Post December 2014

The Sweet Pea Post is a monthly envelope containing stationary and craft samples.  You will receive 5-6 pieces plus 1-2 surprise gifts. All envelopes are shipped out the 11th of the month from Georgia and this month I think it got lost somewhere in transit.   Mailed to Canada is $5.39 a month, but based on the stamps on the letter $1.17 of that is postage, so it is a very affordable subscription at just over $4.00 a month.  You can sign up month to month or prepay in 1-4 month increments.


This months envelope was a bit beat up and had been taped shut on the end.  Nothing was missing or damaged, which was good but this might explain the 20! days it too to get here.

20141231_144545 20141231_144609

Inside the envelope was the wrapped items and the info page.


Reindeer Gift Tag

If this had arrived anytime before Xmas I would have used it.  I have a whole box full of tags to choose from so this will just have to wait till next year now.



1′ Red & White Washi Tape and 18″ Christmas Ribbon

Both of these are cute and I’m sure I can find something to craft from them.


Paint a Picture

I think Bug will enjoy this. It says to use a q-tip and water to get the paint off the paper and onto the picture.


Origami Santa

I have done some really basic origami before but this is cool!  He’d make a good gift tag also.


Bag of Glitter

Glitter is good and the little cutouts were just floating in the envelope as well.  The little saying actually belongs with the next item…..


New Year’s Fortune Cookie

This tells you how to fold up and smash this paper into a fortune cookie. I’ll have to find someone to give it too.

20141231_144911 20141231_144952

My two surprise items, paperclip bookmark and two little candy cane stickers.  I think these might be my favorite items in the whole thing.

This is my last package from Sweet Pea Post.  While I think the products are fun, it’s not my kind of stuff.  If you are a scrapbooker you might find this one useful as you always get lots of things that could decorate your pages but from a stationery and crafting perspective it doesn’t offer me enough to keep it.  The price is certainly right though.

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