NYC Metro Girl December 2014 & Advent Calendar Day 19

NYC Metro Girl is a monthly subscription box that sends you eight soap samples and a monthly gift based on the theme of the month for $18.00.  I find that this box ships really quick and only takes just over a week to get to me.  They always include fun shapes and the scents are great and linger but are not overpowering.  This months theme is “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”.

20141217_151948 20141217_152007

I like that this box is always well packed.  Nothing moves around and breaks or squishes.  The first look lets you see a few of the shaped soaps!


The info card for this box lets you know what the inspiration for the theme was, what scents you received, what your bonus item is, and what the online specials for the month are.


Even this months square soaps are decked out in their best.  The one with the medallion is Hot Chocolate, the star one is Under The Stars, the purply one is Purple Kiss, and the pink sparkly one is Pink Angel.


The shaped ones are my favorites, cause I’m a bit of a geek like that. The puzzle piece is Festive Lights, round white one is Oatmeal Stout, ed and green round one is Cranberry Mint, which smells much better then it sounds, and lastly the little tree is Frosty White Soap.


This months bonus item was a Soy Tea Light Candle.  I’m not sure if it has a scent beyond the soy/beeswax it’s made up of but I like candles and will use this for sure.


This is not listed on my card so I’m taking it as a Christmas present from NYC Metro Girl.  It’s a Lemongrass & Tea Tree Oil Cuticle Butter.  My cuticles are a disaster every winter so this is very timely.

This box never disappoints me.  I love all the soaps, they lather great and smell awesome.  They are handmade and have fun shapes and names.  I think this is probably my last box from them though so that I can try out some new ones but I would say that if you want to try a bunch of soaps each month or need little soaps for guests to use then this is the box for you.

With only a few days left in my advent calendars I’m hoping the treats will get more exciting. However Benefit has let me down again.

20141219_075135 20141219_075153

Today I got Honeymania Lip Balm and a Polka Dot Hair Tie.  Sad Benefit.  I like both of these things but neither makes me jump up and down with glee. Maybe tomorrow…..



Birchbox December 2014 & Advent Day 18

Birchbox has arrived!! The box that started it all in the States has finally made it’s way to Canada.  You get monthly boxes of five personalized beauty samples, tailored to your profile. They promise to help you try cult brands, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between.  They also say you will never receive the same product twice.  Birchbox runs at $10.00 per month plus $4.95 shipping but you can get yearly plans for $100.00 plus shipping as well.  This makes it one of the more affordable boxes out there and I am excited to see what they bring and if they are really as good as their American reviews would have you believe. The December box is their first one for Canada.



The box was much smaller then I thought it would be. I’m not sure why I thought it would be larger when it’s about the same as most others and I’m getting five products in it.

20141216_154228 20141216_154307

Inside the pink was this box with the Hi There wrapper around it. The box is sturdy and reusable for flat items.

20141216_154349 20141216_154410

Inside were two cards, one letting you know how to share your box and possibly win Birchbox Points, usable in their shop, and facts about shipping on shop products.  The other is the info card telling the theme, Decked Out, and products with full size retails, what they are and how to use them.


What was inside.


Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave-In Conditioner-1oz $3.25

I have looong hair and sometimes need a little extra help with detangling so I’m happy to get this.  It is a brand I’ve never heard of and that is one of the reasons I signed up for these boxes.  First Birchbox product is a win.


Benefit Cosmetics Lollitint Lip & Cheek Stain-2.5mL $7.20

Shockingly this is not a Benefit product I have yet received in my advent calendar.  However it might be a bit to purply for me.  I’ll have to give it a go I guess.


Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner in Black-0.8g $13.50

This is 3/4 full sized, which is a good sample size.  It seems like a nice black liner, which also seems to be the color of choice in any box.  I get that black is universally used but I tend to prefer a bit more color or shock value in my eyeliners.


Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream-15mL $2.15

This body cream is scented like the Hello Perfume.  It is a bit on the strong side for me but I’ve heard good things about Harvey Prince and think if this wasn’t lotion I might like it better.


Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator Exfoliating Cleanser-20g $5.67

This is supposed to mimic the effects of microdermabrasion.  I’m all for making things look better and brighter.

Well my first impressions of Birchbox are quite positive.  This box had a value of $31.77, not too shabby for a $15 box.   The points system is a bit different then the American one.  You cannot reveiw your products for points, just get them from referrals, surveys or buying full size products but that may change.

Behind the doors of my advent calendars today I found the following items,

20141218_071350 20141218_071408

“That Gal” Brightening Face Primer and the cutest mini bath pouf ever!

I have used a brightening primer before, in fact my normal primer is one, so this is a great find for me.  I don’t know that you can ever have enough poufs.  I use them, Hubby uses them, Bug uses them, and the fact that this one is just so darned small and cute brings me joy.  I’m not even sure if you could call it half sized.  Today the primer takes the win but only by a hair!

This time next week we will be surrounded by discarded wrapping paper and enjoying the afterglow of endorphin’s from Santa’s deliveries.  What traditions do you and your family share on Christmas Day?





Bark Box December 2014 & Advent Day 17

Archie’s BarkBox came today.  BarkBox is a toy and treat box just for pups. Prices start at $29 per month but go down to $18 if you choose a yearly plan. Shipping to Canada is $5/month.  Along with the products part of your subscription cost is donated to dogs in need, so along with fun stuff for your pooch you are also helping out dogs that might not be as pampered as yours. You can select from tiny, small & cute, just right, and big & bold sizes to get a selection of products best suited to your dog.

20141216_130209 20141216_130226

This month the theme is Happy Pawlidays and even from first peek I knew it was awesome! The wrapping paper is changed up again for the season.

20141216_130241 20141216_130252

The info card.  I know I say it every time but  I love the cartoons.


BarkMade Yuletide Log-$12.00

This toy has a giant squeaker in it.  Like the whole size of the log squeaker. It’s a win for Archie. He sometimes takes a few minutes to decide on a toy but not this one. It was grab and chew instantly.


Bocce’s Bakery Lumps Of Coal-$7.00

I really like that this box usually gives treats that are good for the dogs.  These heart shaped biscuits have no preservatives, chemicals, by-products, wheat, fillers or broths, and corn.  All of the things that cause reactions in dogs are not here so I don’t have to worry about them being itchy or getting upset bellies from anything.  That these have charcoal in them to help with doggy breath is a bonus.


My Doggy Happy Holidays My Doggy Treats-$5.00

It says these are soft-baked cookies but they are hard. Not that it matters to an 80 pound dog who has eaten an pop can before….. These are also wheat, corn and preservative free.


Quaker Elf-$10.00

This is so cute I don’t even want to give it to him.  It was no where near as sought after as the log but Archie still likes it.  Just one small squeaker in the belly on this one.

20141216_13042120141216_133049 20141216_133121

Safemade Holiday Tartan Bandana 22″x22″-$8.00

Much to Archie’s chagrin, I make him wear bandanas and holiday collars or even reindeer horns if he’s too worn out to shake them off so this is good.  It has red and white stripes on the back side so it could even be reversible and it’s big enough for his fat neck.  I like to put them at a jaunty angle.

I like this box.  The holiday theme is fantastic, the toys are great and the treats liked by the pups. The box had a value of $42.00.  Merry Christmas to all your pups and other pets!

In my advent calendars today it received,

20141217_090215 20141217_090243

another non-cosmetic item from Benefit, a doodle pad, and Moringa Body Milk from the Body Shop.  The little pad does open up to blank pages, teeny, tiny, blank pages but I guess it will be useful.  I know I’ve said in other posts how much I love stationary and my Hubby can attest to it being a bit of an addiction, but I feel a little ripped off every time I don’t get makeup from Benefit.  This advent calendar was over a hundred dollars and I don’t think I’d buy it again.  The Body Shop one was $50 and the sample sizes have been way bigger and everyday has been an actual Body Shop product. Speaking of which, the body milk is a lightweight lotion that really does look like milk.  It is very runny but absorbs quickly, is not greasy and smells nice. It’s the definite winner today.

Advent Calendar Day 16

Another short post today as no boxes showed up yesterday for me to dive into and explore.  I have hope of receiving yet this week Bare Bliss Box, NYC Metro Girl, Danklo, Embellished Box, Beauty Box 5, Ipsy, and LuxeBox which just shipped out yesterday but is within Canada so maybe.

In the calendars today I received,

20141216_084406 Benefit Highbeam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer,

20141216_084425 and Moringa Shower Gel.

This is a scent from The Body Shop I’ve never tried. It smells really nice and not overpowering and I can’t wait to try it.  The highlighter from Benefit is nice too!  I don’t know what I like better today….maybe shower gel?

In other news I have finished my Xmas shopping and only have Santa presents to wrap up yet.  Bug and I went on a wrapping rampage yesterday and finished up all of the others except one present for my brother that requires I get a picture developed (or I guess photos are just printed now). I do have one final gift for Hubby that is in the mail somewhere, and I’ve been sending little prayers to the mail gods to help it find it’s way home before Christmas.  The only good thing is it’s not for one of the kids and Hubby can deal with disappointment and wait if it doesn’t make it.



Out Of The Box Sampler December 2014 & Advent Day 15

Out of the Box Sampler is a collection of products from Etsy sellers that have been put together in one place.  It is not a subscription but if you get on their mailing list you will receive a notification when they go on sale and you can purchase one.  They sell out pretty quickly so you only have a few days to get one.  They offer two sizes but I have yet to get there fast enough to even think out the larger box.  They are also going to be doing an all food box coming soon.


It always ships in an outer box and the edibles ship outside of the main box.

20141211_152114 20141211_152136

The food and the first look into the box.  It always smells so fantastic.

20141211_152158 20141211_152217 20141211_152231


Sweet Scents Candles & Melts Mistletoe Whisper Tart, Shimmering Suds Peppermint Bath Salts, and Peppa Pig Bracelet from The Jewelry Box. This bracelet is going straight into Bug’s stocking, she’s crazy for them right now and while we are not die hard Peppa Pig fans, we have watched occasionally. I seem to get just enough wax melts to last me from box to box, which is nice as I get to have plenty of new scents to try out.

20141211_152313 20141211_152404 20141211_152427

Lavender Vanilla Bath Cookies by For Sanity’s Sake Products, Snowflake Magnet and Pins from Art Altered and Eclectic Elements, and Neapolitan Ice Cream Popsicle Glycerin Soap from Hill Mail Order Company. This is the craziest soap I have received yet.  I’m not such a fan of buttons, I simply don’t wear them but I like the magnet. I also feel you can never have enough bath products so relaxing bath cookies rock.

20141211_152720 20141211_152732 20141211_153535

Candle Confectionery Buttery  Gingerbread Wax Tart, Jodi’s Craft Emporium Reusable Makeup Pad, and Yule Log Soaps Chocolate Peppermint Soap. I have received a melt from Candle COnfectionery in each of these boxes I’ve ordered and the smell great and are long lasting.  I now have two of the makeup pads and think they are a good idea, instead of using cotton balls all the time.

20141211_153700 20141211_153727 20141211_153745

Salted Caramel Candle from Hannah Made Gifts, Christmas Cookie Hand & Body Scrub and Almond Biscotti Shea Butter Lip Balm from Shell’s Soaps and Bayberry Spice Wax Tart from Ugly Duckling Designs. This Candle smells amazing! Can’t wait to use all of these things actually, so Festive!!!

20141211_153837 20141211_153907 20141211_153935

Pecan Pie Scent Tub from Jewelry in Candles, Movado & Mullins Soy Candle, Candy Cane Sugar Scrub by The Sweet N Salty Bath Shop. I’m a little confused by the first one.  It doesn’t tell me what it is.  I’m not sure if it’s a melt or perfume or just a sample of one of the available scents.  I did rub a bit on my wrist and now smell like pie so there are worse things.  The scrub smells great too.

20141211_153945 20141211_154019 20141211_154044

Ribbon Hair Ties from The Maine Coon Cat, Lavender Lemon Aide by Mother’s Nature, and Stacie Marie Essentials 100% Natural Beauty Blotting Sheets. I have just about stretched to the max the hair ties I got last month so I am glad to get more.  The balm is to help bumps and bruises and while I never think to buy blotting papers, I do use them if the end up in my purse.

20141211_154320 20141211_154333 20141211_154357

Mint Cookie by Yummilicious Treats, Rosemary Gourmet Sea Salt by Superior Salt and Creme De Menthe Pattie by Jennie Zee’s Handmade Gourmet. This cookie was really good. It had a chocolate mint cookie covered with white chocolate and mint candy chunks. I think the salt will be put to use for Xmas dinner and I am trying to hold off on scarfing the chocolate.  I don’t give it much longer.

20141211_154409 20141211_154421

Ken’s Airy Crunch Peanut Brittle and Raspberry Rock Candy from Home and Family Creations.  The brittle is good and I’m not even a big fan of brittle normally.  The candy is okay but I don’t get a super shot of raspberry flavor.  That in no way means I won’t be eating it though.

I am still a fan of this box and will be making the attempt next month to grab another one.  I like the mix of stuff and I really do use all of the things I get.  Bath products are a staple around here, I have a candle or melt going everyday and I never say no to food (even if I should).  It works out to about $1-2 an item with the shipping and I feel that what I receive is worth that or would cost me more if I was to buy something similar in the store.  I also get to try Etsy shops I wouldn’t be able to, because the large majority of these do not ship internationally. Get on the mailing list by clicking here.

Advent Calendar Day 15 has brought to my eager little hands,

20141215_082900 Vitamin E Night Cream and,

20141215_082917 Ooh La Lift Instant Under-Eye Brightening Boost.

With the lack of sleep from a night owl baby I need some brightening so I think Benefit takes the day.  Body Shop continues to have a lack of surprise with grouping family items on consecutive days but I was tiring of my current night cream so I’m happy for the switch.


Lip Factory November/December 2014 & Advent Day 14

Lip Factory is a monthly box that ships out full size make up. While their focus is on lips they send out a range of products for your face.  Their monthly fee is $26 including shipping. There is a slight discount if you sign up for 6 or 12 months.  A percentage of their box is also donated to Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach.  You will get 5-7 products each time.  You do fill out a survey so they can somewhat customize your products to your likes and colors.  They decided to ship both at the same time because they had some shipping issues from one of their suppliers and since November would be so late it was better for them to put it all in one box.  Unfortunately there is no info card, so I’m not sure what is from each month but it’s a good haul.

20141211_145357 20141211_145411

The first looks.  Nice and full with lots of lip products!


Ulta Matte Lip Crayon in Hazy Pink-$8.00 Full Size

This lip crayon is not my favorite color but it is easy to apply and feels good on.  It is not dry like some matte products can be.  Matte is not my first choice for a finish, I’m more of a shiny girl.


Mirabella Lip Pencil in Sweet Velvet-$23.00 Full Size

This is another crayon so again super simple to apply.  I find this color better for me and am not too sure if I’m crazy or if this really does have a great smell to it.  It is not listed as a matte finish but it definitely is not a gloss or shine in any way.


J.Cat Beauty Twist and Kiss Hydrating Lip Balm in Love Kiss-$4.99 Full Size

One more lip crayon in the box and this one is PINK, like neon pink on my lips.  However since it is a balm as well as color it feels really nice and my lips feel softer just from my test apply.


Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara-$2.99 Full Size

I used to use a clear mascara years ago as a top coat but am now thinking this would be perfect for the times I have to go to swimming lessons with Bear, so I can stop worrying about my mascara running in the pool.  I could just go without makeup but that would be sacrilege. My brows tend to not get too unruly but maybe Hubby would let me tame his???


Model Co Eyeliner in Black-$13.00 Full Size

Model Co is an Australian makeup brand. This liner is really well pigmented and my sample swatch is a true black.  I love the built in sharpener, I think they were the first to do this and it’s genius.


Super Cute Lip Gloss in Love-$14.00

Finally the shine I’ve been waiting for!  This is a great color for me and while it has a touch of stickiness, it’s nothing I can’t live with.  I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it seems from their website they only deal in lip gloss.  Sounds like a good gig to me.


NCLA 5 Free Luxury Nail Lacquer in Prized Possesions-$16.00 Full Size

I think that glitter polish is my favorite.  I am attracted to it first in the store and even with this being my second polish this week from boxes I’m thrilled.  This has a purple base with three different sized sparkles in purple, blue, silver and green.  Happy!


Girlactik Beauty Star Shadow in Lush-$14.00 Full Size

As you can see this arrived broken for me. I have sent off an email and they are going to see what they can do for me.  I like this color, it’s a micro glitter pink and I like the way it looks.  This is also a mineral makeup so that makes me like it even more.


BellaPierre Cosmetics Lipstick in Cat Walk-$20.00 Full Size

This is a mineral lipstick made with natural waxes and antioxidants.  This is my choice for best liked item in this box.  The color is perfect, the formula is nice and I want more colors.

This box had a huge value due to the two months worth of products, $115.98.  That is over double what they charge for it.  I’ve only been getting this box for three months now (counting this as two) and I am really happy with it.  The nonlip items are always useful and the lip products have been high quality and quickly are becoming new essentials.

OOPS…this post snuck out without the advent calendar update.  Let me remedy that right now by letting you know what I received.

20141214_092412 20141214_092446

I thought I’d show them in the flaps today for a change.  Benefit gave me another hair tie, it’s pretty but still mildly disappointing.  The Body Shop provided me with a Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask.  Sunday is my day for using masks so this works out perfectly. I have never used one of the masks like this where it’s on a paper shaped like your head and you lay it on but have read about them in the Facial Friday Feature from The World Of Cos Blog. If you have never read her blog you should. She has fun posts about beauty and provides great info about the products she uses.


Topbox December 2014 & Advent Day 13

opbox is a Canadian beauty subscription that ships you 4 samples every month.  The shipping is free, which is nice, but there is tax based upon your province.  This still makes it one of the cheapest boxes out there at $12 per month.  Topbox normally comes is a cardboard container but you can chose to receive your products in a reusable organza bag for even less waste, which is my choice.  They also offer special boxes that you can put on your wish list and you may get them or you’ll get the regular box.

20141211_144937 20141211_144953

I like the bag option as I can then put my samples back into it to store or hold anything else I feel like in them.  The info card tells you what you got and where to purchase it.

20141211_145027 20141211_145015

Eslor Introductory Collection-4x5mL $18.00

I put the value of this kit as an approximate value based on the fact that I can buy a trial kit with 15mL samples for $55 off the website.  This sample pack contains Soothing refiner & cleanser, Botanical peeling gel, Chlorophyll lifting mask, and Firming collagen day cream.  While I’m sure there are some who will be upset to have received foil packet samples, these are larger and more full then a single use so I think it’s a good sample.  This is another one of those products I’m glad to try as paying over $50 for a tub of moisturizer is just not going to happen unless I win the lottery.



Marsk Natural Mineral Eyeshadow in Black Comedy-1.2g $22.50 Full Size

I like mineral makeup but I’m not too sure what I’m going to do with black eye shadow.  Grey I can work with but this is a really dark colour.  It can by used wet so I guess I could put it to work as an eyeliner.  This one is not going to the top of the list of favourite things.


ME MAXeffects Naturals Eye & Face Makeup Remover Plus Toner-$0.50

This is a non-rinsing makeup remover.  The sample is really small so it might give you a couple days worth of product.


Kinetics Nail Polish in Ice Smoothie-$12.00 Full Size

This polish is nice and thick so you only need one coat for good color coverage.  However I have now received a nail polish in each of my Topbox shipments and wish they would change it up.  It is forcing me to go through my polish stash and get rid of some I’ve had since high school.

While this box had a value of $53.00 and I only paid $13 with taxes I’m not all that thrilled.  I am actually thinking I may give up Topbox if it doesn’t start making me happier, even though I want to support it since it is one of the few boxes that is Canadian.  Their collaboration boxes are great so maybe I need to just pick those up when they pu them out instead of the monthly box.

If you’re interested in joining please send me a message and I can shoot you a link or you can visit

On day 13 of my advent calendar journey I received,

20141213_082017 20141213_082046

Vitamin E Moisture Cream and Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain. I have used other Body Shop moisturizers and like them a lot so I’m happy to give this one a try.  As for the stain, I did use the other one I received a few days ago and it went well so I’m hoping this one can be as painless to use. It seems really pink though and it’s not sheer in the tube like the Benetint so it might be interesting.  I have no favorite today but like both items so feel good about it.


Bespoke Post Black Box & Advent Day 12

Bespoke Post is a gentleman’s subscription club and online store.  While I do not subscribe to their monthly box since it’s above my price range, they do offer some really nice products.  You can purchase individual boxes if something catches your eye or shop their site for single items.  I did some Xmas shopping for Hubby and on Black Friday if you spent $45 you could add the Black Box kit for free, so that’s what I did.  I will only be showing the contents of that in this post since I don’t want to ruin the presents and have already given these samples to Hubby.


Everything came packaged in this box, so if you had wanted to gift this it would be perfect.

20141210_130939 20141210_130948

The card lets you know that this box is a sampling of what they offer and the back lists a little about each item included.


Stolen Riches’ Dress Laces-$18

Luckily Hubby has a pair of brown dress shoes so if those laces go we are set.


Marvis Toothpaste-10mL $1.30

This toothpaste is imported from Italy and the label is in an apothecary design. It looks really cool and I’m sure Hubby will put it to use.


Alfred Lane Solid Cologne in Bravado-$18

I love, love, love this scent.  It is a blend of sandalwood, tobacco, leather, and nutmeg.  It is manly without being overpowering and gives me butterflies in my stomach, which is my telltale sign that it’s a keeper.


Line of Trade Leather Cord Carry

This is used for keeping headphone or similar type wires neat and corralled.  This may be the one thing that we won’t use unless we find a different use then recommended.


Dr.Squatch Gold Moss Scrub Soap-$6

This is hand crafted with no harsh chemicals and made from 5 natural oils. Smells good, hubby likes it, it’s a win.


Bittercube Bitters in Blackstrap=$10

Small batch bitters for your drinks. These ones have a favor profile of molasses, sarsaparilla, and ceylon cinnamon. We’ve never used them before but I’m all for trying new drinks, once I can again.

20141210_131212 20141210_131222

Paddywax Library Candle in Mark Twain=$8.00

This was not in the box but something I added on for me with my order. This is a blend of tobacco flower and vanilla and I really like it.

You can see all the boxes up for offer and check out their shop by visiting


In today’s calender openings I received the following surprises,

20141212_081849 20141212_081828

the as expected Glazed Apple product, this time Shimmer Lotion, and Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream.  The cream came in a larger version of the cute glass tub the eye cream from a few days ago came in so I like it for that reason alone, though I’m sure it will be good as a moisturizer as well.  I really like the shimmer lotion as well since I have no problems being covered in a fine glitter for everyone to see, and the Glazed Apple scent is less strong than the Cranberry so I can wear it over a larger part of my exposed body.  I think I have to declare the lotion today’s favourite.



Kawaii Box December 2014 & Advent Day 10

Kawaii Box is a monthly box of items selected from Japanese and Korean kawaii products.  Kawaii means cute so everything is based on that premise.  They ship anywhere in the world with free shipping and the box is $18.90 a month. As a grown up I should not get nearly as excited about this box as I do.  The shipping notification begins my happiness and I cannot wait for it to arrive, at which point I must stop whatever I was doing beforehand and open it up to see what joy is inside.  I think this might be my favorite box that I get, further proof that I am a ginormous nerd.

20141209_145538 20141209_145555

Upon opening I found a card wishing me a Kawaii Xmas and under the paper a positively squee worthy peek of cuteness.


Princess Crown headband.  While I should probably just pass this on to Bug, I am so going to wear it.  It is just me.


Nuo Ying Sticker Nail Art Stars

There must be a few hundred little pink stars in this bag.  I occasionally put nail decals on so I will use a few of these but I think they might end up as craft products instead.


Hello Kitty Nail Scissors

I think they are nail scissors at least.  They do have that slight curve in the blades that should be there for that.  I think they are adorable and they are made of solid steel, with good heft to them.  One of the nice things about this box is that things like this are officially branded, not knockoffs.


Kabaya Sakusaku Panda Caramel Biscuits

Sometimes it would be helpful to be able to read what stuff is.  Going off the pictures I would say these are a chocolate cookie with a caramel and white chocolate panda face.  I buy the treats from the Asian section of my grocery store so I am sure I will like these too.


Red Rabbit? Plushie

I have no idea what character this is but it will join my cat from last month.  I think it’s cute and I like it.


Donut Squishy Charm

This will go nicely with the macaroon charm I got last month.  I hung that one on the Xmas tree and see no reason why I shouldn’t add this one there too, till I find an actual purpose for them.


Pastel Makeup Bag

This could really be used for anything. It is super soft and fuzzy and lined on the inside. It’s not all that big, just slightly smaller than my hand but would fit lip products or even your cash and ID for a night out if you didn’t want to take your whole wallet.

20141209_145916 20141209_145926

Exo Planet Notebook

This is cute and practical!  It has a quote on the front that says “Beautiful Love Distance Makes The Hearts Grow Fonder”.  It opens to a heart and has pink, blue, green, and yellow pages.


Daiso Japan PVC Xmas Stickers

These are great!  The Santa’s and Rudolph’s are so cute!  I plan to use these up on my Xmas cards (which I will get out soon), and they might just eclipse the cards.


Yizheng Merry Christmas Pencil and Eraser Set

I was one of those kids who, at Halloween, liked it when you got pencils or erasers instead of candy so this makes me SOOOO happy.  I forget sometimes how nice it is to write in pencil. You don;t have to press so hard and you can fix your mistakes with very little effort.  The top of the package says it all “So Cute!”

20141209_150011 20141209_150030

Gingerbread Man Xmas Card and Envelope

These didn’t come together but I think they go together.  The Men all have different faces and made me smile so hopefully the same will happen to whoever I give it to.

If you didn’t get the hint from my descriptions, I really like this box of stuff!  It has a good mix of the stationary I signed up for originally and other fun products that might be totally useless but that make me happy and inspire me to find a use for them.  You can visit them by clicking here.

In today’s Advent calendars I received the following treats:

20141210_083351 20141210_083421

The Body Shop gave me Colour Crush Nail Polish in Relish the Moment and Benefit provided Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer.  The lighting in my picture doesn’t do it justice but the polish is red red, perfect for the holidays.  I just received this primer in one of my beauty boxes and haven’t had a chance to try it yet but there is no downside to more primer.  I think today the primer wins but I will be using this polish for my next nail change out.