MommiesFirst December 2014

MommiesFirst is a Canadian subscription box for moms and babies from when you are expecting up to their first birthday. They send out boxes based on your needs for wherever you are in that cycle. Boxes start at $30 a month and get a bit cheaper if you sign up for longer terms. They also offer one time boxes for showers and occasions. This is my last box from them as they only go up to 1 year of age with their boxes and Bear will be 1 next month.  I have to say though that I love this box and I am so disappointed I did not discover it sooner so I could get more of them. The have been full of things that are useful and needed for little ones.


The first look gives nothing away but the card is always personalized and this month is no exception. This month they congradulate me on everything baby has been through in a year and also there is a handwritten note wishing me Happy Holidays and saying that we will be missed.  It’s a great touch and I hope they never lose it when they become a huge company.


Under the paper was a bunch of things I could see would be perfect for Bear’s birthday next month.


They have great info cards, listing the item, how to use it, why they chose it, where you can find it again, the price, and a blurb about the company.  I think they are some of the best in the subscription box business at them. The fact that they come pinned together with a diaper pin is just a bonus.


Baby Touch and Feel Happy Birthday Book-$5.99

Bear loves books (mostly just to eat) and this is a sturdy board book with different textured pages to explore. We have tons of books in our house but not this one and I never pass up a chance to get more so this is perfect.


Goki Toys Puzzle

I can’t find a price on this but they say their toys are from $7.50 and up so somewhere around there I guess.  We have just found out how much fun it is to put things into bowls so this type of puzzle will be our next step.  I’m loving this toy!


Munchkin Snack Catcher-$3.99

I can’t wait to use this! Right now I’ve been going with a bowl with a lid that I have to open and close every time Bear wants a snack when we are out and it’s a pain in my backside.  This has easy grip sides for little fingers and you can write their name on the bottom if you need to.


Melissa & Doug Friendly Fish Grasping Toy-$7.99

We only have a few Melissa & Doug toys but they are such good quality that I’m happy for another.  These little fishies are easy for little hands to grab and they also fit together to make a little puzzle.  Bear is going to be thrilled!


Bright Starts Connect-A-Pals-$7.99

This is a ball with a body attached that can be mixed and matched if you have others.  Balls are big in this house so I think this will also become a favorite toy.


Parents Canada Magazine-$4.95

This is a bonus item for mommy and I say Thank You!  I really enjoy this magazine and am happy to get it.

All told this box has a value of $38.42.  I really can;t say enough about how much I love this box and highly recommend you picking up a subscription or individual box for anyone you know who is expecting.  They have great customer service and the products are high quality.  There also aren’t too many baby boxes that ship to Canada so supporting a Canadian company makes sense.

You can use my link to get a 5% discount on a subscription by clicking here.


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