Embellished Boxes December 2014 & Advent Day 23

Embellished Boxes is a monthly box that sends you what you need to create two crafts. They focus on using items that you have around your home or that are inexpensive to purchase.  You get instructions and everything you need to complete the two projects. Subscriptions are $14.32 a month including shipping.  I was hoping for a holiday craft this month and was not disappointed.  Even better is that Embellished is a Canadian company.

20141218_155639 20141218_155704

The cards inside list what you’ve been given to craft with and the instructions.  I’m not sure if it’s standard but the two months I’ve received, each craft is only three steps to complete.  The box was packaged full of wrapped items to make Stocking Silverware Holders and Blue Flaked Ornaments.


Mini sewing set for the stockings.


Ribbons and bells.


The ornaments and glitter for inside them.


The felt for the stockings.

I haven’t had a chance to get at these projects yet but as soon as I do I will add some finished pictures.  Last months crafts were great and I think this months will be even better.  I like that they are not super difficult but still provide a different skill then you might use everyday.  I am always looking for new craft ideas and love trying different ones so this box is really fun for me.


I managed to finish the Christmas balls and I think they look fantastic!  They were a bit of a mess to fill but beyond that pretty easy.


I got the stockings done finally as well.  I made two, but there was more then enough of everything to make four if I wanted to.  I decided to save the cute little sewing kit though and just used some of my own thread.  These quite honestly took me ten minuted total, from tracing and cutting to final stitch and they are cute to boot.

Just a quick show of the treats today, as I’ve got company and it seems like maybe it would be wrong to ignore them to post on the blog…..


As you can see the Xmas table cloth made it out. Shea Body Butter and Chachatint Lip & Cheek Stain.

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