Petit Vour November 2014 & Advent Day 22

My Petit Vour for November finally showed up.  I actually got my shipping notice for Decembers box on the same day. Petit Vour is a luxury vegan and cruelty free monthly beauty box.  It is $23 a month and there is no commitment to any length of time. This month they have teamed up with The Little Foxes blog to bring items that are natural givers, meaning they have multiple benefits.

20141218_153801 20141218_153823

The first look gave nothing away at all.  The card talks about the partnership and lists the items and full size retails.


Au Naturale Creme Eye Shadow & Creme Concealer

I’m not sure if they sent out all of the available shade options but I received Palma eye shadow and beige concealer.  As you can see there was also a code for a discount off of your first order.  The shadow is a great bronze color that blends easily,  The concealer is also luckily as good color match for me.  Both samples are really small though.


Caru Skincare Co. Rose Facial Serum

A few drops are supposed to keep skin soft, supple and plump to help fight wrinkles and premature aging.  It smells quite strongly of roses (shock) so I don’t know that I want to use this daily on my face. The single drop I put on my hand absorbed quickly though and surprisingly is not greasy.  The bottle conveniently comes with a dropper to apply it with.


Earthbody Sacred Skincare Dream Body Oil-1oz $5.75

This is supposed to enhance mental clarity while restoring moisture. I think it smells horrible. I’m not sure which ingredient I am opposed to but this will only be used far from my head and only if I’m super dry and in dire need. On the up side it’s a big enough sample that I can put a value to.


French Girl Cosmetics Lip Tint in Cerise-$11.00 Full Size

This on the other hand smells great.  The color is not as dark as it looks and has a slight shimmer that makes my lips look fantastic.  I tried to check out the rest of the colors and products from them and they are only sold on Etsy and they have closed the store for the holidays so I was out of luck.  This was a big win for me.

This wasn’t my favorite box of stuff that I’ve received.  I don’t care for the body oil at all and the rose oil is so strong that I think it would five me a headache.  The eye shadow and lip tint were awesome though.  Last months was better so I’m going to give them another month to see if they can win me back over.

You can visit their site here.

Today from under the flaps of my calendars I received,

20141222_090733 20141222_090811

Badgal Lash Mascara and Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion. Primp and soften today, I’m happy.  Only a few days left!

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