Bark Box December 2014 & Advent Day 17

Archie’s BarkBox came today.  BarkBox is a toy and treat box just for pups. Prices start at $29 per month but go down to $18 if you choose a yearly plan. Shipping to Canada is $5/month.  Along with the products part of your subscription cost is donated to dogs in need, so along with fun stuff for your pooch you are also helping out dogs that might not be as pampered as yours. You can select from tiny, small & cute, just right, and big & bold sizes to get a selection of products best suited to your dog.

20141216_130209 20141216_130226

This month the theme is Happy Pawlidays and even from first peek I knew it was awesome! The wrapping paper is changed up again for the season.

20141216_130241 20141216_130252

The info card.  I know I say it every time but  I love the cartoons.


BarkMade Yuletide Log-$12.00

This toy has a giant squeaker in it.  Like the whole size of the log squeaker. It’s a win for Archie. He sometimes takes a few minutes to decide on a toy but not this one. It was grab and chew instantly.


Bocce’s Bakery Lumps Of Coal-$7.00

I really like that this box usually gives treats that are good for the dogs.  These heart shaped biscuits have no preservatives, chemicals, by-products, wheat, fillers or broths, and corn.  All of the things that cause reactions in dogs are not here so I don’t have to worry about them being itchy or getting upset bellies from anything.  That these have charcoal in them to help with doggy breath is a bonus.


My Doggy Happy Holidays My Doggy Treats-$5.00

It says these are soft-baked cookies but they are hard. Not that it matters to an 80 pound dog who has eaten an pop can before….. These are also wheat, corn and preservative free.


Quaker Elf-$10.00

This is so cute I don’t even want to give it to him.  It was no where near as sought after as the log but Archie still likes it.  Just one small squeaker in the belly on this one.

20141216_13042120141216_133049 20141216_133121

Safemade Holiday Tartan Bandana 22″x22″-$8.00

Much to Archie’s chagrin, I make him wear bandanas and holiday collars or even reindeer horns if he’s too worn out to shake them off so this is good.  It has red and white stripes on the back side so it could even be reversible and it’s big enough for his fat neck.  I like to put them at a jaunty angle.

I like this box.  The holiday theme is fantastic, the toys are great and the treats liked by the pups. The box had a value of $42.00.  Merry Christmas to all your pups and other pets!

In my advent calendars today it received,

20141217_090215 20141217_090243

another non-cosmetic item from Benefit, a doodle pad, and Moringa Body Milk from the Body Shop.  The little pad does open up to blank pages, teeny, tiny, blank pages but I guess it will be useful.  I know I’ve said in other posts how much I love stationary and my Hubby can attest to it being a bit of an addiction, but I feel a little ripped off every time I don’t get makeup from Benefit.  This advent calendar was over a hundred dollars and I don’t think I’d buy it again.  The Body Shop one was $50 and the sample sizes have been way bigger and everyday has been an actual Body Shop product. Speaking of which, the body milk is a lightweight lotion that really does look like milk.  It is very runny but absorbs quickly, is not greasy and smells nice. It’s the definite winner today.

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