Bespoke Post Black Box & Advent Day 12

Bespoke Post is a gentleman’s subscription club and online store.  While I do not subscribe to their monthly box since it’s above my price range, they do offer some really nice products.  You can purchase individual boxes if something catches your eye or shop their site for single items.  I did some Xmas shopping for Hubby and on Black Friday if you spent $45 you could add the Black Box kit for free, so that’s what I did.  I will only be showing the contents of that in this post since I don’t want to ruin the presents and have already given these samples to Hubby.


Everything came packaged in this box, so if you had wanted to gift this it would be perfect.

20141210_130939 20141210_130948

The card lets you know that this box is a sampling of what they offer and the back lists a little about each item included.


Stolen Riches’ Dress Laces-$18

Luckily Hubby has a pair of brown dress shoes so if those laces go we are set.


Marvis Toothpaste-10mL $1.30

This toothpaste is imported from Italy and the label is in an apothecary design. It looks really cool and I’m sure Hubby will put it to use.


Alfred Lane Solid Cologne in Bravado-$18

I love, love, love this scent.  It is a blend of sandalwood, tobacco, leather, and nutmeg.  It is manly without being overpowering and gives me butterflies in my stomach, which is my telltale sign that it’s a keeper.


Line of Trade Leather Cord Carry

This is used for keeping headphone or similar type wires neat and corralled.  This may be the one thing that we won’t use unless we find a different use then recommended.


Dr.Squatch Gold Moss Scrub Soap-$6

This is hand crafted with no harsh chemicals and made from 5 natural oils. Smells good, hubby likes it, it’s a win.


Bittercube Bitters in Blackstrap=$10

Small batch bitters for your drinks. These ones have a favor profile of molasses, sarsaparilla, and ceylon cinnamon. We’ve never used them before but I’m all for trying new drinks, once I can again.

20141210_131212 20141210_131222

Paddywax Library Candle in Mark Twain=$8.00

This was not in the box but something I added on for me with my order. This is a blend of tobacco flower and vanilla and I really like it.

You can see all the boxes up for offer and check out their shop by visiting


In today’s calender openings I received the following surprises,

20141212_081849 20141212_081828

the as expected Glazed Apple product, this time Shimmer Lotion, and Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream.  The cream came in a larger version of the cute glass tub the eye cream from a few days ago came in so I like it for that reason alone, though I’m sure it will be good as a moisturizer as well.  I really like the shimmer lotion as well since I have no problems being covered in a fine glitter for everyone to see, and the Glazed Apple scent is less strong than the Cranberry so I can wear it over a larger part of my exposed body.  I think I have to declare the lotion today’s favourite.



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