Blush Box Teaser December 2014 & Advent Day 11

My monthly teaser box from BlushBox has arrived.  This post contains images and words of an adult nature. As such if you want to continue reading click the link and the rest will appear. If you’re at work, have kidlets around or are easily offended this might not be the time or post for you.BlushBox is an adult subscription service dedicated to making you embrace your sexy side. The offer plenty of options, from a quarterly box, a mini box, a teaser box, panty delivery, condom delivery and a toy club, ranging from $15-$99.  I have subscribed to the monthly teaser box, which sends you 3-5 products and samples every month. The price ranges from $21-$27 depending on the term length you choose. The outer box is plain, saying only that it is from BB and contains personal items. This months box was a little larger than previous months have been.  This box always brings out the giggles in me, either I still have a bit of an adolescent sense of humor or the topic of sex is funny. However I do feel that if you cannot laugh with your partner during sex you probably shouldn’t be having it because the human body will do things you cannot control and if you con’t find the humor in it it’s not going to be any fun. But enough with my lecture, let’s get to the fun stuff!!

20141210_130032 20141210_130049

The box comes nicely wrapped as usual.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed dear readers, but the bow is always seasonally colored.  The info card detailing the products and who manufactures them.


Merry X-Mas Mints by Amusemints

These are a pack of 3 mints in a themed package with a witty saying. They would be cute for a stocking stuffer or to leave on your sweeties pillow.


Almost Naked Organic Lubricant by Good Clean Love

This lube has no petrochemicals, parabens, or glycerin and is safe for latex.  It says it has a slight lemon and vanilla scent.


Erotic Dice by Paradice

These are a glow in the dark pair of dice with suggestive words on them.  One tells you what to do and the other where to do it. Since Bear has decided that sleeping is completely unnecessary there is not much time for playing but we’ll have to find a chance to give these a go.


Mrs.Santa Vibrating Panty & Nipple Set by Pastease

They say that since these are tied at the sides, even the curviest elf will be able to be naughty.  There is a handily placed sprig of mistletoe and a bullet vibrator in them if your special someone doesn’t get the hint.  Also included are candy cane pasties to complete the outfit.  The vibrator is multispeed but not on a remote control, so no recreating the scene from that movie The Ugly Truth, though if Gerard Butler is available he can come help me test these out…..just saying.


Juicy Jewels Jade Dream by Pipedreams

This is the reason for the larger box this month.  It is waterproof, multi-speed, bendable and perfect for beginners, or so it says.  It requires 2AAA which are not included.

I’m guessing this box had a bigger (no pun intended) toy as a early Xmas present to their subscribers.   This month seems more geared towards solo play instead of couples but there is no reason why everything couldn’t be shared.  I think Santa would be pleasantly surprised to find anyone waiting for him with these items.

Check out my sidebar for a link to enter a contest to win a subscription to BlushBox or click here to see all of their offerings.

Day 11 of the Advent calendars has brought me,

2014-12-11 08.12.20 2014-12-11 08.12.41

Glazed Apple Heart Shaped Soap and Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain.  Based on the last few Body Shop openings I can safely say this should be the beginning of a few days worth of this limited seasonal scent.  I have always shied away from the Benetint products before so this little sample should help me to see if I can apply this without making a huge mess and looking odd.  I’m going to have to give this one to the soap just based on my being uncomfortable with the stain but I might learn to love it, you never know.

I have set myself a goal to wrap at least one present a day in an effort to get them all done but I am finding that trying to wrap the ones for Bug is not happening.  I can wrap everyone else’s while she helps but once she goes to bed and I’m still trying to get Bear down, I just run out of time and energy and now Santa may have to send a message to Hubby that him and Bug need to go to the store for something.  Anyone else not getting their wrapping done?

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