Kawaii Box December 2014 & Advent Day 10

Kawaii Box is a monthly box of items selected from Japanese and Korean kawaii products.  Kawaii means cute so everything is based on that premise.  They ship anywhere in the world with free shipping and the box is $18.90 a month. As a grown up I should not get nearly as excited about this box as I do.  The shipping notification begins my happiness and I cannot wait for it to arrive, at which point I must stop whatever I was doing beforehand and open it up to see what joy is inside.  I think this might be my favorite box that I get, further proof that I am a ginormous nerd.

20141209_145538 20141209_145555

Upon opening I found a card wishing me a Kawaii Xmas and under the paper a positively squee worthy peek of cuteness.


Princess Crown headband.  While I should probably just pass this on to Bug, I am so going to wear it.  It is just me.


Nuo Ying Sticker Nail Art Stars

There must be a few hundred little pink stars in this bag.  I occasionally put nail decals on so I will use a few of these but I think they might end up as craft products instead.


Hello Kitty Nail Scissors

I think they are nail scissors at least.  They do have that slight curve in the blades that should be there for that.  I think they are adorable and they are made of solid steel, with good heft to them.  One of the nice things about this box is that things like this are officially branded, not knockoffs.


Kabaya Sakusaku Panda Caramel Biscuits

Sometimes it would be helpful to be able to read what stuff is.  Going off the pictures I would say these are a chocolate cookie with a caramel and white chocolate panda face.  I buy the treats from the Asian section of my grocery store so I am sure I will like these too.


Red Rabbit? Plushie

I have no idea what character this is but it will join my cat from last month.  I think it’s cute and I like it.


Donut Squishy Charm

This will go nicely with the macaroon charm I got last month.  I hung that one on the Xmas tree and see no reason why I shouldn’t add this one there too, till I find an actual purpose for them.


Pastel Makeup Bag

This could really be used for anything. It is super soft and fuzzy and lined on the inside. It’s not all that big, just slightly smaller than my hand but would fit lip products or even your cash and ID for a night out if you didn’t want to take your whole wallet.

20141209_145916 20141209_145926

Exo Planet Notebook

This is cute and practical!  It has a quote on the front that says “Beautiful Love Distance Makes The Hearts Grow Fonder”.  It opens to a heart and has pink, blue, green, and yellow pages.


Daiso Japan PVC Xmas Stickers

These are great!  The Santa’s and Rudolph’s are so cute!  I plan to use these up on my Xmas cards (which I will get out soon), and they might just eclipse the cards.


Yizheng Merry Christmas Pencil and Eraser Set

I was one of those kids who, at Halloween, liked it when you got pencils or erasers instead of candy so this makes me SOOOO happy.  I forget sometimes how nice it is to write in pencil. You don;t have to press so hard and you can fix your mistakes with very little effort.  The top of the package says it all “So Cute!”

20141209_150011 20141209_150030

Gingerbread Man Xmas Card and Envelope

These didn’t come together but I think they go together.  The Men all have different faces and made me smile so hopefully the same will happen to whoever I give it to.

If you didn’t get the hint from my descriptions, I really like this box of stuff!  It has a good mix of the stationary I signed up for originally and other fun products that might be totally useless but that make me happy and inspire me to find a use for them.  You can visit them by clicking here.

In today’s Advent calendars I received the following treats:

20141210_083351 20141210_083421

The Body Shop gave me Colour Crush Nail Polish in Relish the Moment and Benefit provided Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer.  The lighting in my picture doesn’t do it justice but the polish is red red, perfect for the holidays.  I just received this primer in one of my beauty boxes and haven’t had a chance to try it yet but there is no downside to more primer.  I think today the primer wins but I will be using this polish for my next nail change out.

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