Advent Calendar Day 9

Just a short one today with only the treats I received, which thankfully were better then yesterday.

From the Benefit calendar I received,


Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Dandelion. Not only is this a great color, it smells good too! The little saying today was “Mistletoe, here I come!”. I really need to find this mistletoe and the people to be kissing under it.

The Body Shop gave me,


Strawberry Hand Cream. This smells pretty and leaves my hands feeling nice and not sticky or greasy.  According to the message on the door I should “Give someone a helping hand-you’ll soon be rewarded.” I think I can follow that one.

Benefit takes today, I’m not sure there is much that beats lip gloss.

I’m hoping to have some box posts soon. I am still waiting for two November boxes and one Black Friday purchase.  I might have three December ones coming in this week too, so I could be busy.

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