Indulge Me Box December 2014 & Day 7 Advent

Indulge Me Box is a brand new Canadian monthly box.  Boxes cost $20 per month with free shipping to Canada, but do get cheaper with longer subscriptions.  Each box will include a  mix of skin care, makeup, accessories and surprise gifts. They also promise to include at least five items in each box. This months box is their second one so far.


As promised, this months box is noticeably better then last months.

20141206_122417 20141206_122525

Inside was nicely wrapped and smelled fantastic!

20141206_122435 20141206_122444

The card is also new as promised from last month and I like it.  The front tells about the theme and that their online store is now open and the back lists the products in this months box.


Bizou Scarf-$24.90

I like this scarf. It’s super soft and a good length.  I also like that it is not white though I’m guessing there were a bunch of color options sent out.


Yankee Candle Votive in Gingerbread-$1.99

The whole box smelled like this candle including the scarf, which I noticed when I wore it out.  This will be good to burn over Christmas time to make the whole house smell fantastic.


L’Occitane Velvet Hand Cream in Rose 4 Reines-30mL $12.00

This is not an overpowering rose scent like some less expensive hand lotions can be.  It is a blend of Grasse, Bulgarian, Moroccan, and Turkish roses, and absorbs quickly and really does make my hands feel velvety.


DIY Gift Packages

This is the box and ribbons needed to create a small gift holder.  It would be stocking stuffer sized or fit a gift card into.  I like crafting so I’m okay with this but I’m not sure this is what people would be expecting from this type of box.


Trend Trunk Gift Card-$5.00

Trend Truck is a website where you can post clothes and accessories you no longer wear or want and others can buy them.  I’m not sure what denominations were sent out but mine is worth $5.00, which buys you nothing on this site. Maybe if I’d got the $250 one I’d be excited about this but it’s a fail for me.

This month Indulge Me Box had a value of about $45.00 but I am not thrilled with the gift card and am only ok with the DIY  project.  Luckily the scarf alone covered the cost of the box and I think the lotion is great.  For only their second box I feel it’s definitely on the right track.  They have also revamped the website and it looks awesome! Right now they are also giving a discount to their store when you go to the site.

Check them out by clicking here

Day 7 of the advent Calendars brought me the following:


Silvery Hair Tie from Benefit-Puttin’ On The Glitz


Strawberry Heart Shaped Soap from The Body Shop and a reminder ” You have a place in someone’s heart”.

In a very slight way the soap wins today, but it’s closer to a tie then you think.  I’m a late convert to the ribbon hair ties and am enjoying them tremendously.

Just over two weeks till Xmas…..what are you hoping to find under the tree this year?





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