Nerd Block Mystery Box & Day 5 Advent Calendars

Another of my Black Friday purchases was a Nerd Block Mystery box.  Regularly $19.99 a box, they had them on for $13.99, and they were made up of products from previous boxes, while promising to include a t-shirt and a Pop Vinyl. They have now also released mystery boxes for their junior girls and boys boxes as well, aimed at 5-11 year olds.


All the various boxes come printed and branded, no plain cardboard here!


First looks reveal the promised tee and a peek of the vinyl.  No info cards but I wasn’t really expecting one.


Crab Louse Stuffed STD

Just in case you ever wanted to freak out future sexual partners by having a collection of stuffies showing what things look like magnified.


MiniKins Mini Figures

An assortment of little tiny freakshow figures. As most of this box is going to be gifted I did not open these up to see which I received.


Super Mario Bros Star Foamy

Love this!  It’s could be used as a stress ball but it’s really pretty useless but it’s probably my favorite thing in the box.


Pop! Star Wars R2-D2 Vinyl Bobble-Head

While I have never watched Star Wars (and do not care to (sacrilege I know)), Hubby was excited about this.  We are planning to give it away for Xmas though so he could only look.

20141205_124902 20141205_124923

Nerd Block Pin Art

I didn’t think these were still even made but here one is! Seems like a much safer version then the metal pin type I remember.


Pocket Monster Containment Capsule T-Shirt

I was never really into the whole Pokemon thing beyond an affinity for Pikachu, who’s just cool. I’ll probably still wear the shirt though, just maybe not in public.

I wasn’t too thrilled with this mystery box but had been wanting to see if a subscription to one of these type of boxes would be something myself or Hubby would like so in a way it was okay.  While the stuff is cool, the fact that I didn’t care for the specific brands of gamer and nerd items means the box was less then perfect for me. However since we do have a nerd coming for Xmas it works out perfectly.  If you want see if it’s for you click here.

In today’s Benefit calendar I received,


The Porefessional, Your secret to PORE-fect skin. Great product I love and use, yay!

The Body Shop gave me,


Smoky Black Eye Definer, my first makeup product from them.  Along with the words, “Get ready-you’ll be the life and soul of the party tonight”. Unless my babies get down tonight, that seems like a long shot but I like the liner.

By a slim margin Benefit takes it today, but both are great.

Enjoy your weekend!

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