Fancy Mystery Boxes & Advent Calendar Day 5

Yay!!! I managed to get my Black Friday Fancy Mystery Boxes done.  Fancy is a subscription box site that offers many different boxes each month. They have regular, food, or boxes curated by different celebrities.  They also sometime offer mystery boxes in small, medium, and large for both men and women.  They were having a 20% off discount on Black Friday so I picked up a few and the discount helped out with my shipping to Canada. Oddly they didn’t put everything into one box, though I ordered them all at the same time, so I’m sure my postman was annoyed with three big but light boxes delivered at two different times. I went for a Ladies small for $10, a Men’s Medium for $20, and a Ladies large for $40. I had to go to their site to get pricing and as expected for mystery boxes these items are on sale right now.  I’ll include both regular retail and sale pricing just in case you really need one of these things and they are off sale when you go.

20141202_135314 20141202_135346


All three boxes had the same first look, Fancy branded packing paper and an envelope containing a thank you and 2 Fancy stickers.  I think the ice cream symbol is super cute!

20141204_133647 20141202_135436 20141204_134017

I was aware from checking out some other Fancy reviews that they only use one size of box so I wasn’t too shocked with how empty they looked.

My small Ladies box included:


Spot The North Floor Decal-$20 Sale $10

I think this is really cool, I just can’t think of a reason or place to use it. If you have any ideas please let me know!



I Drew This For You Business Cards & Holder-$10 Sale $4

Another thing that is cool but I can’t draw worth a hoot.  I guess I could leave messages on them?


Fancy Notebooks 2 Pack-$12 Sale $4.80

These I love! As you might have guessed from other posts I LOVE stationery.  I think the cover art is fun too.


Brass Bracelets by Garnett Jewelery-$30 Sale $12

I have to say I am stunned that these fit my wrists.  I have such small wrists that most watches or bracelets just flop around, but these stay in place.  I wish they had been three different but coordinating colours as some of the pictures showed but I still like them.

All told my $10 box had a value of $30.80 at sale price but $72 at regular! Either way I feel  like it was worth it. The couple of things I’m so-so on can always be gifted.

Now the $20 Men’s Medium Box.


Change Tray by Blue & Cream-$45 Sale $18

I thought this was totally useless but Hubby thinks it’s the best thing in the box.  I’ll never understand what goes on in his mind. It’s a good quote though.


Denik Notebook-$18 Sale $10.80

I totally took this. Hubby didn’t have a chance with a paper product. It’s only downfall is that it is unlined.  My OCD prefers that I have lines to follow so as not to waste pages.



F#ck Yeah Menswear Book-$20 Sale $8

This book is detailed journey though what men should be wearing and how to look like a boss doing it (their words).  Hubby wasn’t really into it but I think I’ll give it a chance and maybe find out what I should be buying him that is classic and awesome.

As a possible selection of things my Hubby couldn’t live without this was a fail.  He only likes the change tray. With me snagging the notebook I think it’s a win.  For my $20 I got $36.80 worth of stuff ($83 regular). I felt bad that I get no boxes for him so that was the only reason I went for it and honestly he’d have been happier if I’d have bought him a bottle of some adult beverage. Oh well live and learn.

Now the big purchase….$40 Ladies large mystery box.



Carve Your Own Card 3 Pack-$16 Sale $6.40

These are interesting. I never go anywhere so I’m not sure who I can mail one of these to and I also think I’d have to add extra postage.



Fill in The Blank Sketch Book-$20 Sale $8

Again if I could draw this would be awesome.  It’s filled with random pictures and thoughts to give you a starting point and then you doodle away based on the topic. I find it highly unfair that both my Mom and my Bro can draw great and I make stick people look funny.


Diana Baby 110 Camera-$59 Sale $23.60

Gosh I sure hope this comes with film! This allows you to take square photos on 110 film.  That means nothing to me but it sounds awesome.  I like to have actual photos instead of just digital shots so I’m excited to try this out.


Spike Chain Bracelet-$22 Sale $11

I just don’t think I’m cool enough to pull this off.  I like it and it’s really different from most of what I wear for jewelry so I’ll have to give it a go sometime.

All told my large box had a value of $49 using sale prices or $117 regular priced.

I think that my favorite box was the small one so I’ll know for next time to just grab that one if I order again.  The products are all items that had been featured in their monthly boxes so if plenty of these things interest you signing up for a box might be worth it.  You can see everything they offer by clicking here.

Day 5 of the advent calendars brings us these treats!

From Benefit…

20141205_070652 20141205_070700

It’s Potent! Eye Cream- Watch you eyes light up. I had to show a picture of the jar too.  It’s actually glass and just the cutest little thing!

From the Body Shop….


Sticking with their plan to give everything in a scent at a time……..Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Lotion, with the witty saying, “Now is your time to shine”. I’m a fan of the shimmer lotions. I think they give just the right amount of glow without making you look like a disco ball.  The only downfall for me is that this scent is quite strong so I’d never be able to shimmer more than one part of my body at a time.

As for a winner today is a tossup.  The jar makes the eye cream squee worthy and the lotion is a holiday staple. Which would you prefer my readers?

I’m expecting a few boxes today (hopefully) so look forward to some regular reviews in the days ahead!

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