Advent Calendar Day 4

Sooooo, life got in the way again and I never did manage to get to my Black Friday deals yesterday. I promise they are coming, really truly I do. Instead here are day 4’s products from the beauty calendars.

From Benefit I received,


Stay Don’t Stray Primer.  Today’s words just told me what to do with it…”360-degree eye primer”.

The Body Shop gave me,


Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel. They told me “A new day is a new chance, do something amazing”.  I needed that bit of encouragement.  I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done but nothing is wrapped and I’m feeling a bit stressed with my return to work date approaching, the holidays in general, and needing to get my life a little better organized instead of simply following my girls needs as a day planner.

I think today the shower gel takes it.  I like primers but more of the whole face type then just eye.  Body Shop could have mixed it up though with the holiday scents as they do have two more limited edition ones, but I’m sure they’re in there somewhere.

Come on back tomorrow to see if I’ve managed to get something done or if you get treated to just the calendars again!

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