Advent Calendars Day 3

Hey everyone, just a short post today as I haven’t received some November boxes yet so no new surprises to open.  I did get one of my Black Friday purchases yesterday but it came late in the day and I had activities with Bug so I never managed to photo everything, but rest assured it should be up tomorrow (fingers crossed).

However I do have today’s treats from the advent calendars so here we go!

From the Benefit calendar I got…..


They’re Real Beyond Mascara and the message to “Flash some Lash!”

The Body Shop gave me…


Frosted Cranberry Soap and the message “Show a friend you care and see them smile”.  Not sure if that is a thinly veiled hint to gift this soap or not but I’m going with no. Sorry Santa.

Benefit wins again today but only by a small margin, shaped soaps are pretty high up my list of liked things.

See you tomorrow for a Mystery Box opening and more calendar treats!

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