Ecocentric Mom November 2014 & Advent Calendar Day 2

Ecocentric mom subscription boxes focus on healthy, natural, organic products. You can choose from a pregnancy box, a mom box, or a mom and baby box. They ship every other month and are $24. I went with the mom and baby box to get a few things for me while getting stuff for the wee one that is maybe less full of bad things then what I might just buy off a store shelf. I was a bit confused as to which box I had received last time but have since figured out that they sent me the September box just so I wouldn’t have to wait so long to get my first box and this is the November box.

20141201_140349 20141201_140421

First looks. The papers on the lid were on top of everything else but I needed to see!!

20141201_140438 20141201_140448

Double sided info card.  There are always lots of brands of stuff in this box.


Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons 5 pack-$12.00

Bear is at the stage where everything is tasted so we have had a few incidents already with her having a colourful mouth from eating a crayon.  The fact that these are safe to eat, though not recommended, is really cool. They are also square for ease of baby to hold and use.


Circle of Friends Shampoo & Body Wash-8oz $14.40 Full Size

This is made for Eczema & Sensitive Skin and Bug qualifies as needing that.  They also included the Circle of Friends catalog.  The other products available are supposed to spark interest in other cultures from around the world. This is getting used tonight!


NurturMe Dried Baby Food Peas, Quinoa, and Apple Flavour-22.5g $1.12

This is a organic cereal mix.  You can make it with water or breast milk for babies of just mix it in to regular food for older kids.  This is all plant based which is supposed to be easier to digest for little tummies and the quinoa is closer in nutritional profile to breast milk which makes the change over easier too.  Bear is doing more of a baby led weaning but we’ll give this a try mixed into a sauce of some type.


Sweetie Pie Organics Dried Baby Snack in Mango, Sweet Corn & Apple-$1.71

A bag of these treats has one serving of fruit and veggies in it.  Bug is pretty good about eating fruit but this will be convenient to take along for an emergency snack.


eInvite Holiday Cards-$5.00 or so

These are a sampling of a few of the different styles of holiday cards you can order from them.  I think it’s neat that you just stick a photo on and make the card.  They also included the envelopes and a coupon to get 20% off an order. The cards are printed on good card stock. Unfortunately they had to bend them a bit to fit in the box so a few people are going to be getting slightly curled Xmas cards from us this year.


Soothie Suckers Herbal Pops-2 pops $2.50

These are freezies that have a custom herbal blend in them.  The orange one is an immunity booster and the grape is nasal support.  These seem a bit hippy for me but they are endorsed by the president of the American Herbalists Guild so they should be fine(though his picture doesn’t dispel any stereotypes, see here).  I’ll throw them in the freezer till we need a cool treat.


Lovely Candy Company Caramels-56g $4.99

Yummy!! Soft caramels. I’m not planning to share these with the kids.  If they become a new obsession they are available at Target.


Hero Nutritionals Slice of Life Omega 3 with Chia-2 chews $0.64

I like gummy vitamins.  It is better then the chalky chewables.  These also came with a coupon to get $2.00 off kids or adults vitamins.  These are allergen, dairy, gluten and mercury free and vegetarian to boot.

I think I like this months box better then the last one.  Everything is stuff I’ve never tried, which is the point of getting these boxes, and I want to try these products.  The box has a value of $42.36 or almost double what I paid which is nice.  I have never really searched out organic or natural products but I have been pleasantly surprised with the quality and taste of what I’ve had so far.  This box is only good for kids up to 18 months so we have a few more to go.  You can see what they’re about here.

Now on to the advent calendars! I was so excited to rip into them yesterday that I never noticed that there are little sayings on the inside of the flaps.  I’ll now include those as well as pictures.

From the Benefit one.


Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in A-Lister wished me Peace, love and glossiness!

From the Body Shop one.


Nail File. It let me know “Good things take time-be patient”. Really???? You give me a nail file and then you taunt me?? Silly calendar.

So Benefit was the definitely the winner today, lip gloss is one of my favorite things!

Only 22 more days till Christmas!


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