MommiesFirst November 2014

MommiesFirst is a Canadian subscription box for moms and babies from when you are expecting up to their first birthday. They send out boxes based on your needs for wherever you are in that cycle. Boxes start at $30 a month and get a bit cheaper if you sign up for longer terms. They also offer one time boxes for showers and occasions.



I love that they make a personalized letter to send with the box.  It also let’s you know the stage of the box you receive and for an 11 month old it is “Healthy Habits”.

20141126_131946 20141126_132001

First looks.  I was excited with what I could see.


So many info cards! One is the box theme explained and the others are one for each product, detailing what it is, how to use, why it’s in the box, where you can get more, price and a bio of the company that makes it. They are the most detailed info’s of any box I’ve received.


Dr.Sharp Dentistry Strawberry Cream Kids Toothpaste-85g $13.00

This toothpaste is all natural and with no added colours, which is not too normal in kids toothpaste.  While Bear does have 4 teeth, I think we probably won’t save this and just let Bug use it as she’s all into brushing right now.


Thera Wise Crystal Animals Antibacterial Toothbrush-$4.00

This is cool! You only need to get it wet for it to work. It has a mineral in the bristles that does the cleaning and prevention.  The company is out of Vancouver, which is also great.  I think we’ll see what Bear thinks about this tonight.


Pampers Kandoo Foaming Hand Soap-250mL $2.49

While we have never bought a hand soap just for the girls, I know they’ll like that this one is coloured and smells like berries.


Pampers Kandoo Flushable Toilet Wipes-42’s $1.99

Bug has just mastered the art of the toilet but as I’m still chief bum wiper I’m all for these!  I tend to keep some wet wipes in the bathroom just because they are easier to use for a good cleanup so “special” ones just for her are nice.


Boogie Mist Sterile Saline Nasal Spray-Grape Scent-89mL $7.99

We so needed this a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if spraying something up the nose will be easier then using a dropper but at least for Bug it might be.  As for the scent, it’s just the nozzle that smells, the only thing in the spray is water and sodium chloride.


KidGear Teethifier-$7.99

This chew toy (as we call them), is made to soothe the entry of molars.  While I like the idea the fact that this is just a glorified pacifier is not great.  Neither of my girls ever had a binky and I’m not sure I want to introduce something like this.  It even lists it as being a good transition from pacifier to teether.  I guess we’ll see if Bear simply chews it or if it ends up being in her mouth for no reason and it will then disappear.

The info card did say that a lot of these items would be for upcoming milestones that should start happening, but I feel that almost everything in it is more suited to my 3 year old then my baby.  I’m also sad that there was no mommy gift this month, but maybe the simplification of some tasks covers it.  Beyond that I’m happy with what there is in it.  The teether may not get used but everything else is great. The value of the items is just over the cost of the box but I don’t feel like I didn’t get my moneys worth.  I highly recommend this company and box as I have had great customer service and products from them.

Visit them at



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