Bark Box November 2014

Archie’s BarkBox came today.  BarkBox is a toy and treat box just for pups. Prices start at $29 per month but go down to $18 if you choose a yearly plan. Shipping to Canada is $5/month.  Along with the products part of your subscription cost is donated to dogs in need, so along with fun stuff for your pooch you are also helping out dogs that might not be as pampered as yours. You can select from tiny, small & cute, just right, and big & bold sizes to get a selection of products best suited to your dog. The theme of the month is “Bone-appetit”.

20141126_131357 20141126_131408

The regular wrapping paper is back.  I was sad when the info card had only four items this month but then realized that there was no more room for anything in the box.

20141126_131423 20141126_131439

Along with the info card this month was another card telling us all about their new online shop and including a code for $10 off any purchase. As usual I love the cartoons!


Petsafe Squeak N’ Treat Booya-$13.00

You can put treats in the top this and the other end squeaks.  Archie was a bit freaked out by the rubber smell but I did stuff some treats in there and it’s all good now.  He is so far not able to get them out so this actually is better for him then I thought.  It says it is good for heavy chewers so I’m hopeful it will not be destroyed too quickly.



Wagatha’s Kitchen Sink Organic Dog Biscuits-$5.00

These doggy treats are full of so many things I didn’t even think you could get in organic, like spices and flour.  Archie and Freckles both like them so it’s a win.


Petmate Chef Heggies-$10.00

This has a plastic bottle inside of it to make a crazy crinkly noise.  Unfortunately it has many little bits that stick out and give plenty of places to gnaw off.  I foresee a  quick but painful death to this cute hedgehog.


Feel Good Treat Company Slow Roasted Rosemary Turducken-$6.00

These treats are made up from turkey, chicken, and duck livers flavoured with rosemary.  Gross to me, yum to the dogs.

This was a good box for Archie.  He has been working on the treat squeaker for 15 minutes so far and shows no sign of giving up.  The other treats are liked by both dogs and while the hedgehog probably won’t last too long, at least it’s not filled with stuffing.

You can check them out at



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