The Sweet Pea Post November 2014

The Sweet Pea Post is a monthly envelope containing stationary and craft samples.  You will receive 5-6 pieces plus 1-2 surprise gifts. All envelopes are shipped out the 11th of the month from Georgia and it took 10 days to reach me.  Mailing to Canada is $5.39 a month, but based on the stamps on the letter $1.17 of that is postage, so it is a very affordable subscription.  You can sign up month to month or prepay in 1-4 month increments.



My envelope.

20141121_140802 20141121_140843

What I found inside and a list of the contents. The theme of this month was Rustic Fall.  I have to say the tinsel squiggles were a bit annoying as they were very fine and hard to capture to dispose of.

20141121_140917 20141121_140947


Small craft page pocket, two fall feathers, and one fall leaf.

20141121_141046 20141121_141114

Two die cut cardstock, one flag toothpick, 2′ mustache orange washi tape, and craft paper stickers.

20141121_141129 20141121_141225

My two surprise items-two bird paper clips and two pre-made twine bows.

I wasn’t sure what I would be receiving with this one and now that I know, it’s just not for me.  While I love crafting, I feel that the products in this box are more suited to someone who scrapbooks and that will never be me.  I just don’t get the hype.  I had hopes for more stationary type items then what I got.  I have one more month prepaid so I will get that one but after that I will be cancelling.  The products are fine and the price is very reasonable but it’s not my jam.  If you think it’s up your alley then check them out at




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