Embellished Boxes November 2014

Embellished Boxes is a monthly box that sends you what you need to create two crafts. They focus on using items that you have around your home or that are inexpensive to purchase.  You get instructions and everything you need to complete the two projects. Subscriptions are $14.32 a month including shipping.  I really enjoy crafting and wanted a way to try out some new craft styles without the hassle of spending hours on Pinterest and then having to still drag the kids out to find the supplies.  I find I lose motivation after all that.  I also like that this is a Canadian company out of Calgary.

20141117_145923 20141117_145947

The outside and inside of the box.  I like the matching paper.


This months projects are based off of the quote on the instruction card.


Step by Step Instructions for both projects. Nice and simple, only three steps per project.  I get to make a Gilded Flower Bowl and Chalkboard Coasters.

20141117_150058 20141117_150201

Some of the supplies.  Everything is wrapped and packaged so nicely. Inside the bag was the bowl.


The rest of the supplies.  Even the chalk is wrapped in it’s own paper!

I can’t wait till the girls go to bed to start a project.  I will update this post with finished pictures when I get something done. I hope I can make them look as good as the finished pictures on the instructions.  I think this is a good valued box.  You get all that you need to complete them and it looks like there will be a bit of leftovers to do your own thing with too.


Here are the finished coasters.  I was able to get these done while the little one slept.  All required of me was to paint them so it wasn’t too challenging.  I am happy with them and can’t wait to get gilding, which I think will be the more difficult of the two.

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