Out of the Box Sampler November 2014

Out of the Box Sampler is a collection of products from Etsy sellers that have been put together in one place.  It is not a subscription but if you get on their mailing list you will receive a notification when they go on sale and you can purchase one.  They sell out pretty quickly so you only have a few days to get one.  I was concerned I would be out of luck this month as their website had gone down but I managed to snag one.  This months theme was “Stuffed” Harvest Sampler. It included a wide mix of products from food, soaps, beauty products, wax melts, and handcrafts.


Everything I pulled out of the shipping box.  Edible products are always shipped in their own baggie.


20141113_133451 20141113_133500

The card showing the sponsor of the box and listing upcoming deals.


The food products.

Roasted garlic gourmet sea salt, Cranberry gourmet sea salt, and two pieces of Blue Ribbon chocolate fudge. Hubby was home when I unpacked the box and now there is no more fudge.



First look at the big box. It has always been right full the times I’ve ordered it.

20141113_133918 20141113_133928 20141113_134016

Little hard to tell through the bag bit the first item is a turkey shaped brown sugar spice wax tart. Next is a banana caramel cupcake tart. Last is two items from Pretty and Perky-Carmelized Pralines tart and pumpkin creme brulee solid sugar scrub.

20141113_133822 20141113_133852


Sweet Curls Elixers Flax/Okra gel and Pretty Momma Beauty Pore Reducing Mud Mask.

20141113_134034 20141113_134051 20141113_134118

The Sweet N Salty Bath Shop Body Butter, The Maine Coon Cat hair elastics, Mother’s Nature Moonbeam Balm.

I’m probably the last person on earth who hasn’t tried these type of hair ties so I was happy to get them.  The balm is a  relaxing aromatherapy balm which will be super handy.

20141113_134129 20141113_134143 20141113_134155

Home and Family Creations Blue Raspberry Play Dough, Three Little Chicks Soap Bar Vanilla Pear Soap, Cedar Creek Soaps Sea Salt Body Scrub in Fruit Loops

I was kinda hoping the play dough would smell like blue raspberry but it just smells like regular play dough. Doesn’t bother Bug though, she loves it.  The scrub really does smell like Fruit Loops and I’m not sure I like it but I do like body scrubs so it’s going to get used.

20141113_134215 20141113_134541

Shimmering Suds Anise and Beer scent, Slippery Slope Soaps Spiced Caramel Apple Sugar Scrub and Harvest Spice Soy Wax Tart.

I’m not sure what the product from Shimmering Suds is. I thought it was soap but it’s kinda squishy so it might be a scrub of some kind. Smells good though.

20141113_134644 20141113_134819 20141113_134848

Eternal Girl Mini Note Card, Jewelry In Candles Sweet Pea Tarts, BLJ Graves Studio Cornucopia gift tag.

I think this gift tag is fabulous.  I don’t even want to use it, just put it up and enjoy it.

20141113_134901 20141113_134914

Art Altered E=mc pin, Lemon Lollpop Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip Balm, lollipop and bookmark

I am one of those people who doesn’t like pumpkin but this lip balm isn’t to crazy scented so I’m glad and I know the lip balm was the sample but I’m equally excited about the bookmark cause I always need more.

20141113_134946 20141113_135101

For Sanity’s Sake Products Detoxifying Clay Face Mask, BklynOrganics Plumeria Perfume Oil

This perfume smells really nice. The mask did leak a little but since it was in it’s own bag it only messed itself.

I received samples from 23 different companies and most came with a discount code to get more or free products from them.  Disappointingly for me a lot of these companies on etsy do not ship to Canada so the only way I can try their products is through this box.  I feel that the $27 fee is worth it.  That’s about $1.00 a sample since I received more then one from a few companies.  Next month will be the Mistletoe Holiday Sampler going on sale December 1st so make sure to get on the mailing list for a reminder at www.outoftheboxsampler.com or visit them to see all the companies included.



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