Ecocentric Mom-Mom & Baby Box October 2014

Ecocentric mom subscription boxes focus on healthy, natural, organic products. You can choose from a pregnancy box, a mom box, or a mom and baby box. They ship every other month and are $24. I went with the mom and baby box to get a few things for me while getting stuff for the wee one that is maybe less full of bad things then what I might just buy off a store shelf. Their site says they ship in September and November so I’m not sure which box I received so we’re going with October for simplicity sake.

20141021_124919 20141021_124930

Nicely wrapped upon opening and double sided info card listing all the products and codes for discounts off of purchases on each site.


Inside the wrapping.


Beautiful Earth Bath & Massage Oil-Full Size $9.50

I really thought this was a sample size but after going to the website this is the actual size bottle they sell. This can either be used to give baby a soothing massage or you can squirt some into the tub. It contains Chamomile & Lavender, both of which encourage sleep so this will definitely be a before bed time product.


The Organic Face Lipstick in Sweet Nectar-Full Size $17.99?

You could have received either a lipstick or a lipgloss in this box and I’m thinking I would have rather had the gloss.  When I went to the website the lipsticks they have there are in a completely different package and I also could not find this color so I don’t know if this was made specially for ecocentric mom or what. The color is ok but the lipstick doesn’t go on very easily so I had to press a bit and the lipstick bent in the tube. While I will use this I am not too impressed.


WooBamboo Kid’s “Sprout” Toothbrush 2-Pack-$5.95

These are really cool. They are an eco-friendly brush which is nice since we go through a lot of kids brushes as we are learning.

20141021_125224 - Copy

Annie’s Organic Cheddar Snack Mix Bunnies- 28g

I could not get a price on these because the website said it didn’t ship to Canada so it would not show me any products. They did give me a .50 off coupon to use but as these are not in stores here it’s useless but I think these will pass the snack test for the preschooler. They are baked cheddar crackers, pretzels, and plain crackers seasoned with cheese.  As a fish cracker substitute I think it’ll be okay.

20141021_125215 - Copy

Bakery On Main Instant Oatmeal Maple Multigrain Muffin Flavour-50g $1.00

This is a gluten free, dairy & casein free, non GMO oatmeal. Thankfully we have no food issues to worry about here but hopefully this will taste good.


7th Heaven Natural Skin Mask Million Year Mud Revitalizing Mask- Full Size $2.99

Face masks are fun.


Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention-2 sample packs

We seems to have an issue with diaper rash based on when we eat certain foods so any new product to help is appreciated.


Jillian Wright “Breakout Blocker” Serum- 3mL sample



Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin- $8.99

Yay!!! We love books here and while this is aimed at the baby the preschooler has already snagged it. It’s a nice inclusion to encourage spending time together.

Beyond a useless coupon and a few sample packets this was a good box of stuff. I like the baby products and the fact that there is some stuff for the older one is nice too. The few mom products were ok. I am not super thrilled with the lipstick but I will use it and while I wish the other samples were larger I really can’t complain because trying new things is fun.

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