Dive Bar Shirt Club September 2014

My hubby is the worst at giving me suggestions for gifts for him for any occasion that would require me to show my affection in the form of a product. For our anniversary he asked for a pair of hockey gloves……

So I don’t even know what I was searching for but came across the Dive Bar Shirt Club. Their tag line is “T-shirts from the best bars you’ve never heard of”.  This turned out to be perfect. My hubby loves interesting tees and they promise that the shirts are retired after each month so unless you’re a member or happen to visit one of these bars the chances of running into someone wearing the same shirt is low. Shirts are $22 a month unless you need XXL or XXXL sizes then add $2.50 and $3.50 respectively. Shipping outside of the USA is $5.  They are just a reoccurring subscription so you can cancel anytime before the next payment is due.

The shirts come in just a regular plastic mailer bag, nothing fancy and have a postcard from the bars to tell you a little about each place. This months shirt is from Spike’s Keg o’ Nails.

20140929_111837   20140929_111846

Front and Back of postcard.



I hadn’t told my hubby about the shirts till they showed up and he was thrilled with this one. Both of us are now eagerly awaiting the next in line.

If you want to check them out visit www.divebarshirtclub.com

Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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