A few firsts happening here for me. This is my first blog so hopefully I can get everything to work out the way it’s supposed to. I started this to document my journey into the addictive world of monthly subscription boxes. If you haven’t heard of them, what they are is a sampler of products delivered right to your door by various companies for a monthly rate or with most you can purchase them by 3,6,or 12 month plans. There are boxes devoted to pretty much everything you can think of, from beauty to undies to toothbrushes. I have signed up with a few (mostly beauty) and thought I would join the online community devoted to showcasing them.  A large percentage of the bloggers doing this are American, mostly I think since they have a much larger pool of subscription boxes to choose from, so this will provide a Canadian perspective and obviously only show boxes which deliver up here. All boxes are paid for by me and all opinions and thoughts on what I receive are mine alone. I just received my first one so my next post will be detailing that!!

Now a little about me. I am a thirtysomething mom of two who lives in the middle of the Prairies here in Canada. I love makeup and getting mail so the combination of the two makes me all giddy!!  I have just stepped into the sub box world and it has already become a bit of an addiction as I have spent some serious time online checking blogs, websites, and reviews to try to decide which ones I’d love and want to get.

Hope you enjoy my reviews and can’t wait to get started!!!

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